Gift guide for her - Blogmas Day 6

I have learnt that sometimes people are very tricky to buy presents for. As much as we all like to think we have been planning for months, that is quite often not the case at all. I have been searching and searching for the perfect present for some of my family members that I think would be nice to share. As always, hope you enjoy this post! Let me know if I have missed anything in the comments below!
Kate Spade Pink Emma Spiral Notebook £12.95

What lady doesn't love a notebook? I am obsessed with taking notes and making lists. There is nothing more special then this Kate Spade NY notepad. An added bonus is if your name actually is Emma! haha. I am going to be purchasing this one for my brothers girlfriend Emma and I know she will love it! 

Kate Spade NY Small Gold Spot Notebook £7.95

Like before, this notebook is also really special. This is a little bit cheaper than the previous book but would fit easier into smaller handbags. It's perfect for the person who will be needing to pack lightly in her day to day routine. I am thinking of asking for this myself. It would be perfect for me to use on the train to uni! 

Chocolate cake in a can £5.00

This gift is perfect for any chocolate lovers. A stress free way to cook yourself a chocolate cake! Even the worst of bakers can't go wrong with it! All you have to do is add water and abracadabra just like that you have a edible chocolate cake! Perfect for christmas stockings as well! 

Sparkle mirror with tassel keyring £10.00

I love the idea of having a mirror on your car keyring. A mirror is a must have for many ladies. I know that I can't live without one when out and about! Also it's quite nice to have the decorative tassel too. Makes it look that little bit more fancy! 

Liquid pink glitter clutch bag £38.00

Well isn't this the most amazing clutch bag in the history of clutch bags?!? The brand Skinny Dip London have really began to make a name for themselves over the past year. With their beautifully quirky phoneeases and their Krusty the clown collab they are a must go for all your christmas party bag needs! This bag has moveable glitter that makes for a fun addition to any outfit! 

Pastel weekly planner pad £9.50 

This gift is perfect for mums! Or anybody else who likes to be in control of their weeks for that matter. I am obsessed with the colours on this particular pad. Plus it looks like there is lots of space to write about every activity that you may be doing during the day!

Katie butterfly statement necklace £22.00

As soon as I spotted this necklace I knew that I needed to include it! I love how the flowers overlap, and I am a sucker for a beautiful statement necklace as well! This looks like it will be perfect with a plain dress on a night out, or with a top and jeans. 

Michael Kors jetset black cardholder £40.00

This little gift would make the most perfect gift for the girly girls to the tomboys. Everybody loves something from Michael Kors. I recently bought this for my cousin for her 21st birthday. She was thrilled with it. Plus it comes in lots of colours! 

Monthly chocolate brownie club £24.99 for 3 months

What is better than receiving chocolate brownies in the post each month? That's right. nothing! I can't believe that this sort of thing actually exists! I am deffo putting this onto my christmas list. 

Ted Baker small shadow floral wash bag £27.00

Ted Baker is one of those companies which I think is known for their gorgeous floral and bright toned prints. As soon as I spotted this on their site I instantly fell in love with it. It's quite different than what you would usually see, but it features the usual rose gold hardwear. It would make the most perfect gift ever! 

Emma Bridgewater personalised cup and saucer £28.00

Nothing says that you care more than a cup of tea does. Well thats the case in England anyway! Emma Bridgewater does the most gorgeous styles of cups so its an added bonus that you can have it personalised as well! 

Cath Kidston Little leaves ticket holder £6.00

Cath Kidston is another brand that are known for their prints. I use one of these little ticket holders everyday for uni. It is a saviour for me when it comes to keeping all of my train tickets and uni badge in one easy reachable place. I love the print of the one shown above, but they also do some really cute animal ones too, so there is something for everybody!

Oliver Bonas silver honeycomb bee necklace £34.00

I always find jewellery a difficult present to buy somebody. Quite often people have their own specific taste in what they like, so I quite often stay clear of buying it. As soon as I spotted this I knew that it would be perfect for pretty much everyone. I love the dangling bumble bee, and the honeycomb section of the necklace looks super cute too! 

Well there we go, my picks from the internet of lovely gifts for all the ladies in your life. 

I love giving gifts to people during this festive season so am always on the lookout for something special to buy. If you think I have missed something let me know in the comments below! 

As always, have a lovely rest of your day! 


  1. Love the Earl Grey tea cup - that is so so cute!! Some lovely gift ideas for women - thanks for the great post!

    Madolyn xxx

    1. I'm glad that I could help!

      Sorry its taken so long to reply to your comment!


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