Gift guide for him - Blogmas Day 7

Following yesterdays blogpost I thought I would do a guys version of my gift guide. I find shopping for guys even worse than shopping for her. Although us ladies can be picky, men don't give any hints or tips! I know that my brother is super annoying when it comes to christmas and not having a clue what he wants. Super frustrating when your trying to be the best little sister! haha. I hope this little guide helps you out. Let me know if I am missing anything from it in the comments below! Enjoy.

Personalised chocolate coal £11.45

Nothing says love more than giving somebody a piece of coal. This is the sort of present that my brother would find hilarious. The whole presentation of the chocolate in a can makes it seem extra special as well. It would make the perfect gift for those chocolate lovers too. Its different, thats always a plus right?

Sultank 3 pack sock set £15.00

You can't have a christmas gift guide without including a pair of socks! It just wouldn't be right! It's one of those christmas gifts that we all laugh about and mock, but when it comes to it nothing is nicer than putting on a fresh pair of new socks in the morning! 

Black rubberised holdall bag £45.00

A really nice holdall is another perfect gift for guys. I have found that my brother would rather use every single bag of life he can find before he would bother to go into a store to buy one for himself. River Island have some really nice bags at the moment which would make the perfect gift. I like that this one is quite plain. I know my brother is going to love his one!

Pebble smart stick portable charger £29.99 

This would make the best gift for any tech addicts! These portable chargers are just the best thing in the world when your caught out somewhere with hardly any battery. I am sure many people have been in this situation in the past where you regret using your phone every second of the day, to spare that last percent of your battery. These Pebble Smart Sticks are the best chargers I have found to use. You can get about 2 charges from it without having to reload it up with energy!

Iron man Pop! vinyl figure £9.95

I think this gift is pretty self explanatory! It would be perfect for any Iron man/ marvel fan. Technically it doesn't actually do anything, but it looks nice and would be a lovely addition to a desktop! 

The Star mug £9.99

A bit like yesterdays post, a mug would make the perfect gift for any tea or coffee lovers. I especially LOVE this mug as it is heat sensitive so shows different colours and constellations when hot liquid is poured in. 

Here are just a few of my picks for the males in your life! I really do struggle coming up with ideas for boys, but I hope this helps you out if you need some hints! 

Thanks for reading! 
Have a lovely rest of your day!


  1. I love that stars mug! I think my mum would really like it <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Same! I love it too and it would make the perfect gift!
      I have my eye on it for my dad!

      Thanks for the comment xxxx

  2. Some great ideas! I especially love the little Iron Man figure and the star mug :) xx

    1. The little Iron Man is so cute isn't it! haha

      Thanks for the lovely comment xxxx

  3. My boyfriend would love the black holdall bag plus I love the star mug! some great gift ideas xx

    1. They holdall bag is amazing! I bought one for my brother thats very similar and its the perfect size!

      Thanks for checking out my blog and for the comment xxx


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