Winter Lipstick Edit- Blogmas Day 3

Recently I have been reaching for a darker lip to finish off my makeup looks. This is such a change for me as I usually feel safer with a nude or a pink. With the colder weather now, I have been feeling more and more confident to wear a bolder colour. These are some of my favourites at the moment! Let's call this my winter lipstick edit! Hope you enjoy! 

First of all, I couldn't write a winter lipstick post and not include my new found favourite. I had been looking in MAC for a while to find my perfect dark lip and I think I have finally found it! This is Captive and is a Satin finish. As soon as I spotted this lipstick in the line up of products I instantly fell in love with it. Being a pale person, I sometimes lack a little bit of confidence in wearing a red lip so try to stay clear. This isn't red by any means but is close to it for me. It has a purple undertone and I have been complimented many times when wearing it! I have been wearing it paired with the perfect lipliner, Beet lip pencil from MAC.

I feel like this lipstick is really underrated. A couple of years ago British girlband Little Mix collaborated with Collection to produce a selection of beauty products that suited each of the girls. I have been obsessed with this lipstick ever since. It is probably the cheapest lipstick I own, but ironically the most used. On Jade's skin it is probably her perfect nude. On me it is a darker lip, but not so in your face. I love the texture of it and the fact it lasts pretty much the whole day without me having to touch it up is an added bonus! The only sad thing is I haven't seen this in stores recently, so fingers crossed I can find it somewhere when I need to buy it again!

As you can probably tell from the state of the tube, this product has been well loved. To be fair this has been everywhere with me throughout the summer. It is the Rimmel London Colour Rush, colour unknown!  It was one of the only lip products I took on holiday and feel it is a transitional beauty product from summer to winter. It looks perfect with a dark eye, but also with a neutral eye. I love it! It's also a lip stain so lasts a long time!

Finally this is another recent-ish purchase for me. There was a lot of hype around the Fleur De Force makeup products and they have really lived up to it. The shade is Starry Starry night. The colour pay off is very similar to that of my MAC Captive satin lipstick. However it is more of a gloss than a lipstick. The first couple of times I tried this I wore without a lipliner and found that it bled quite a bit around the corners of my mouth. I tried it with my Beet lipliner and I haven't had any problems! Such a great lipstick!

I hope you liked some of my picks!
 Let me know what your favourite winter lipsticks are down in the comments below! 

Have a lovely day! 


  1. I'm the completely opposite to you haha! I love wearing darker colours over lighter ones and I rarely wear a nude lip. My favourite dark lipstick is Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury :)

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

    1. I have heard some really nice things about the Glastonberry lipstick but have never tried it, or even seen it for that matter myself! I might have to add that to my christmas list! Thanks for the recommendation!

      Thanks for commenting lovely xxxx


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