Blogmas Day 26 : Boxing Day Special!


I had initially thought about finishing my Blogmas series with the Christmas Day post, however I think one more is necessary to finish it all of right. So this post will be my BIG Christmas and Boxing day blog post full of a couple of images that I have taken to remember the day. I hope you enjoy! X

Hope you had a happy Christmas and have a happy new year!

Blogmas Day 25 : Happy Christmas!

Today’s Blogmas post is going to be a very short one, but I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas! I hope whatever you are doing is wonderful and you enjoy spending the time with the people you love near or far.

Make sure you spare a thought for those who might be having a more difficult time this festive season.

So…with that I am off to have another mince pie!

Happy Christmas from my family to yours xx

Blogmas Day 24 : Christmas Eve Traditions

blogmas day twenty four

I can’t quite believe that it’s Christmas Eve! No matter what age I am, the magic and excitement of the few hours before Christmas will never change! I’m really lucky to have quite a close family, so we tend to spend Christmas Eve the same way every year, with a few bits changing here and there the older my brother and I have got.

Ever since I was little, my family and I would all go to the Christingle service at my local church on Christmas Eve. There was always something quite magical about walking there in the frost bundled up in coats watching the twinkling of the fairy lights. I’m sure when I was little, I was probably more excited at the fact I was allowed to be up late at night. The Christingle service itself is just so lovely with lots of families joining in with carols as a way of celebrating together. Growing up in a Christian family, Christmas always meant that little bit more to us, so it’s nice to take time out of our day to celebrate that on Christmas Eve.

blogmas day twenty four

Christmas PJ’s
This is a relatively new tradition for my mum and I. We both love to snuggle down in a pair of super cute Christmas jammies. The past couple of years I have bought us matching PJ set’s for us to wear to bed on Christmas Eve. To go with the PJ’s I also remake my bed so I have a fresh pair of linen for the night. I do this with the aim to fall asleep from the comfort, although this never happens as I am far to excited!

blogmas day twenty four

Christmas present wrapping
Since I can remember, my dad and I have always spent Christmas Eve wrapping up my mums and brothers presents. My dad works so hard during the week and never has a lot of time to wrap his presents, so we love to do it together. Plus, I have to make sure he takes the price off of everything!

Christmas movies
Watching a good Christmas movie is a must on Christmas Eve. The Grinch is a particular favourite of mine as it just reminds me so much of my childhood. I wish I could get away with decorating my house as OTT as the who’s do!

blogmas day twenty four

Let me know if you have any Christmas Eve traditions! It’s nice to be able to look back on how different things get each year whilst doing the same thing. For us, we pretty much keep things the same, although instead of going home after the Christingle, we head down to the pub.

I hope you have a very merry Christmas spent with everyone you care about the most!

Happy Christmas!

Blogmas Day 23 : Perfect Christmas Dinner Table Setting

Ahh! 2 more sleeps until Christmas, that can only mean one thing!


This is probably the first year that I have been so excited for Christmas day for a long time. I have just genuinely enjoyed feeling the festivities that Blogmas has had to offer me this year. I have also really enjoyed reading and discovering lots of new bloggers each day. So many great posts!

Today’s post is one that I personally love reading. Home decoration is probably one of my favourite things to look at and do. When it comes to Christmas day everything usually revolves around food. So making the table setting special is something that my mum and I really like to do. We really like to think of new ideas every year, which can sometimes be quite difficult!

Initial place settings
This is the place setting that we used last year. My mum and I found these gift tag initials in Marks and Spencer’s and decided to place them on the table on Christmas day. We used the gold initials for the ladies, and silver for the men. Thinking back I wish that we had attached them to the bottom of a wine glass, or wrapped around the cutlery. Oh well! Maybe next year!

Another thing that my mum always thinks about doing is small little table chocolate’s. She quite often orders these online on the Chocoholics website as they do really cute boxes with one or two small chocolates inside. In the past she has got the men small little top hats and the ladies little metal handbags, all with chocolate inside. I think this is such a cute idea, however it may not be wise to give to children before they have eaten their dinner!

Table Decorations
A Christmas wreath is always a great way to go for Christmas, however there are lots of cute ‘Pinterest’ ideas that you can use as well. I was lucky enough to attend the Not On The High Street Christmas event back in July and saw so many cute little place settings! I thought I would share a couple of these images again as a source of inspiration!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you a little bit of inspiration! My mum and I are still debating what we want to do this year, and with two days to go we need to think fast! So please share your ideas with us!

Happy Christmas!

Blogmas Day 22 : Making A Gingerbread House

This is probably one of my most favourite Blogmas posts to be writing. There is nothing I enjoy more in the Christmas season than to spend a whole afternoon making and creating our family gingerbread house!

My brother and I have been making this together for the past couple of years and make quite a good double act. He does the manual labor task of measuring ingredients and baking the actual gingerbread house. We usually construct it together, before him leaving me to decorate it in peace (he just doesn’t quite understand the whole one Smartie per roof tile situation). This year, I have thrown a spanner in the works and bought a pretty little gingerbread house from Costco. It was a complete bargain at £5.99 for everything including sweets and icing. So we are throwing all the rulebooks out the window this year to make this epic little house, which hopefully will remain standing!

Constructing the Gingerbread house is harder than it looks believe me! But through a lot of team work, and being told off for not ‘holding it properly’, our house was constructed. I love how perfectly unperfect this looks. I started off with the idea that everything would have its own little place, but after working with my brother realised that we had two very different visions that slotted together alright in the end!

I really enjoy making and decorating Gingerbread houses with my brother. It’s something that I now really look forward to doing every time the Christmas season begins.

I would love to see your Gingerbread houses if you have made them this year! Tweet them to me @Bellamomentox or tag me in them on Instagram!

Happy Christmas