January Favourites!

Can you believe that tomorrow is going to be the beginning of February? It seems like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas! I am excited for February though, as I am going to be celebrating my 21st Birthday! Ahh exciting times! This post is going to be a little roundup of all of my favourite things I have used in January. Enjoy!

Who doesn't love to sit down and watch a Disney movie? There is something so relaxing and comforting about drinking a cup of tea with a film on, forgetting about all the other hundred things that I am supposed to be doing. I own pretty much all of the Disney classics now as I have been collecting them over the past couple years. Surprisingly I didn't have these! I love Snow White. It was the first Disney movie that I ever watched so I really enjoyed reminiscing on my childhood this month.

This is a bit of a weird favourite to have but is something that has honestly helped me over the past year. Bach Rescue Remedy spray. If you are struggling with anxiety or have general worries then you really should try this spray. I have had anxiety since being very little, but think that in the past year I have began to understand that what I was feeling wasn't normal and that I can do things about that to make myself feel better. I was recommended to use this spray from a lady who I was talking to about my anxiety. It has been a life saver. It doesn't make you forget about things, but it just makes you feel a lot calmer. I don't know, it works for me! I am currently trying out the night spray to see if that makes a difference to my sleeping habits, as I have recently struggled to settle down for the night. We will see if it works!

My brothers girlfriend bought me this set of 4 mini perfumes from Victoria Secret for Christmas. I absolutely love how cute they all look! There isn't one that I don't like either, which is often not the case when you buy a gift set! They are the perfect size to pop into a clutch bag too and fit nicely in my uni bag for touchups on the go!

Since Christmas I have been reaching for a more muted lipstick. Over the festive holidays I really wore out my dark lip so I love that I can put this on without worrying about smudging and staining! This is Pink Plaid by MAC and is a matte finish. It is my perfect nude and I have worn it pretty much every day. 

The two little jewellery favourites that I have been loving recently come in the form of these super cute Minnie Mouse earrings that I was gifted for Christmas, and this simple bar rose gold necklace that I purchased the other day. I just love the earrings though, they were bought for me in my most favourite place ever...Disneyland Paris! The necklace was from Primark and was £1.50 complete bargain!

My final favourite and complete highlight of this month has to be The Lion King. The Lion King has always been one of the theatre shows that I have wanted to see, but always been either too expensive or just not the right time to go. I was over the moon when my dad told me that we were going! We try to go to see something up in London once a year as a family. I can't recommend seeing this show enough! Everything from the costumes, to the staging is spot on. The singing is amazing and the dances are incredibly talented! I can't wait to go back and see it again!

I hope you liked this post! If you didn't already know I have recently been uploading daily OOTD's over on this blog. I am doing it in a form of a style diary so in the future I can have some personal outfit inspirations, but I thought I would share it as well! I have put a lot of time and effort into it so would really appreciate the feedback!

Hope you have a lovely week! 
Lots of love, 

Cropped Plaid : Style Diary

Another day, another Topshop outfit! I am loving this cropped plaid shirt. A couple of months ago I would never have imagined that I would have chosen something like this for myself. I have never been that confident, but am loving the challenge of styling up a different outfit and making more of an effort to look nice. It makes you feel good too! 

Shirt- Topshop
Jamie Jeans- Topshop

This is my bargain £1.50 necklace I got at Primark yesterday! I love it so much. I have a thing for rose gold! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Lots of love, 

Simple A-Line Dress: Style Diary

I love finding simple outfits that I can adjust and mix and match to wear with anything in my wardrobe. This topshop one is just that. Yesterday was a little bit of a busy day for me. I had a full day of university followed by going up to London in the evening to see The Lion King. I didn't have time to come home in between so decided to wear this dress with my BooHoo fluffy body warmer. 

I believe this dress is new from Topshop. It's a simple A-Line design which is really flattering and comfortable to wear. I also really love this grey marl fabric! I wore it with my Primark tights. Finally on my feet I wore my Debenhams boots which I have also been loving recently! 

If you haven't seen The Lion King then you really need to. I loved it and already want to go and see it again! 

I saw this on the way home from the theatre and it reminded me of the beauty that is London at night! 

Hope you have a lovely evening! 
Lots of Love, 

My Bargain Dress : Style Diary

I love a bargain shop! Recently I visited my local Marks and Spencer's to have a little snoop into the final bits of their post Christmas sales. I had done so well to avoid sales over the festive period, but I couldn't pass up this dress! It was reduced from £45 to £16 and I just love how cute it is! 

I will be honest though, when I tried it on I was gutted that I wasn't able to return it for a refund. Being a smaller human being, I sometimes struggle with length so it was annoying when the dress looked frumpy and was halfway down my leg. Not my style in the slightest! So I decided I would add a plain black belt from New Look to bring the dress in and make it work for me. 

I love how the dress looks now and I have fallen in love with it!

This was the aftermath of my Lush Frozen bath bomb. I love it when this happens to the bath! Although this is much easier to clean up than the Golden Wonder bath bomb!
Hope you have a lovely rest of your day! 
Lots of love, 

Primark Coatigan : Style Diary

Today has been the busiest day so far. I have been driving here, there and everywhere so I wanted to wear something that was not that heavy or bulky to drive in. So this coatigan from Primark was perfect for the job. I bought it just before Christmas and totally forgot that I had it! 

I paired my coatigan with my ripped Jamie jeans and tie dye Abercrombie top. On my feet I wore some classic Zara pumps which I forgot to photograph! 

Do you remember yesterdays tie dye post? Yeah absolute fail! I think I didn't use the right fabric so the dye didn't stick to the material! So annoying! 

Have a lovely rest of your day! 
Lots of love, 

Feeling clueless! : Style Diary

Do you ever have those days when you wake up and just want to dress like your straight out of the film clueless? Yeah me too, and I absolutely loved it! 

This might be one of my favourite looks that I have worn over the past couple of weeks. This morning I was looking to wear something a little bit smarter so opted for this yellow plaid skirt and plain black long sleeved top option. Both of which were from Topshop yet again sorry! On my feet I wore my plain black chelsea boots. 

I wore the best ever Primark tights on underneath. Primark do the best tights for winter and at such an affordable price you can't really say no to them! I am certainly going to be stocking up while I can. 

I wore my oversized biker style coat from Dorothy Perkins over the top. I love this jacket as it has unique leather sleeves which give it an edgier look. The only issue is that it attracts every single piece of hair available! So for somebody with long hair like me it's a complete nightmare! But I love it! 

I spent the majority of today dying fabric for my textiles project at university. Its such a boring process but I am excited to see the results in the morning! 

I saw this little quote on Pinterest and couldn't stop laughing so thought I would share with you all! 
Hope you have a lovely rest of your day! 
Lots of love, 

Mustard top : Style Diary

Today marks a month till my 21st Birthday! Ahh! 
Another day another skinny ripped jean OOTD. I am sorry ok! But I just love these jeans so much! They are super comfortable. Anyway today was another day spent exchanging and swapping clothes in Topshop. I bought a couple of bits when I went for the personal shopper experience that I needed to return as sadly they were broken, but what an excuse to shop! 

My outfit today is yet again all topshop! 
I wore my ripped Jamie Jeans with this mustard yellow alpha t-shirt. I can't explain how soft this top is! I also love how it looks paired with the dark wash jeans. On my feet I wore my classic brown Doc Martens that I wear almost every single day! 

I attempted to curl my hair today as well, which for once actually stayed in! I usually have issues with it as the curls never seem to hold due to my length. 

My dad and I also popped into Costco for a wander and got drawn into the food aisle where I found this amazing looking chocolate cake! I 100% want this for my birthday! Look at all of those amazing chocolate layers! I want to eat it! We also found this funny art of tidying book. It's ironic because I hate to tidy! 

My mum cooked this amazing cake which we ate in honour of my grandma's birthday! Yay! 
Have a lovely rest of your day! 
Lots of love,