Feeling french : Style Diary

Is it just me who instantly thinks of Parisian fashion when wearing a striped top? I absolutely love it though! I know it seems that all I have been doing recently is moaning about the cold but seriously! The quicker snow falls on the ground the better! 

Today I have worn my new Topshop blue ripped Jamie jeans with my striped Marks and spencers cropped t-shirt. I love Marks and Spencers for basic garments. They are often more comfortable than any other clothes I own! On my feet I wore my high knee boots which completed the look! 

I'm really annoyed about my new Topshop shirt. I have changed it twice now and every time I get a new one the popper on the shirt brakes when trying to open it! So annoying because I love the shirt! Never mind, guess I need to go back to the drawing board with that one! 

Have a lovely day! 
Lots of love, 



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    1. Thank you very much.
      They are my favourite pair at the moment haha!

      Thanks for the lovely comment!


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