Mustard top : Style Diary

Today marks a month till my 21st Birthday! Ahh! 
Another day another skinny ripped jean OOTD. I am sorry ok! But I just love these jeans so much! They are super comfortable. Anyway today was another day spent exchanging and swapping clothes in Topshop. I bought a couple of bits when I went for the personal shopper experience that I needed to return as sadly they were broken, but what an excuse to shop! 

My outfit today is yet again all topshop! 
I wore my ripped Jamie Jeans with this mustard yellow alpha t-shirt. I can't explain how soft this top is! I also love how it looks paired with the dark wash jeans. On my feet I wore my classic brown Doc Martens that I wear almost every single day! 

I attempted to curl my hair today as well, which for once actually stayed in! I usually have issues with it as the curls never seem to hold due to my length. 

My dad and I also popped into Costco for a wander and got drawn into the food aisle where I found this amazing looking chocolate cake! I 100% want this for my birthday! Look at all of those amazing chocolate layers! I want to eat it! We also found this funny art of tidying book. It's ironic because I hate to tidy! 

My mum cooked this amazing cake which we ate in honour of my grandma's birthday! Yay! 
Have a lovely rest of your day! 
Lots of love, 

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