Outfit Repeater : Style Diary

'I may be an outfit repeater but your an outfit rememberer which is just as bad!'- Please tell me someone knows where that quote is from! (Lizzie McQuire feels!!!)
Anyway, hope you are all well! Today was the first day back at uni after the Christmas break and man was it hard to wake up that early again! I had a day full of lectures and I knew that I needed to wrap up warm and wear something super comfy. 

That's where this outfit comes into play. 
Three of my current favourite items of clothing out of my wardrobe. My grey ripped Jamie Jeans from Topshop. My plaid shirt from Topshop and then my cropped navy sweater also from Topshop. (I swear this OOTD isn't sponsored! I just really love their stuff at the moment!) 

On my feet I wore my classic Doc Marten boots. I also wore my super cosy Zara coat which is another favourite of mine. I tried to curl my hair a little bit today as well, but when I got to uni they had all dropped out which proves how annoying having long hair sometimes is! Ahh! 

Anyway, have a lovely rest of your day! 
Lots of love, 

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