Kate Spade 2016 Planner!

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This blogpost is probably a little bit late, and I should have done this at the beginning of January, but I was really excited to share the beauty that is the Kate Spade 2016 planner. I have always been one of those people who likes to plan everything to every tiny detail. My school planner/homework diary would always be full to the brim of everything clearly labelled out with stickers and highlighters, and I would make sure that things were written down neatly in my very best handwriting! Since leaving school I have always had small diary's but in an attempt to try to plan my life a little bit better I asked for this Kate Spade 2016 agenda for Christmas. I have been speaking to a few people recently about my anxiety and a couple of the tips were to write down things in your diary that you will look at for the week ahead for something to keep your mind on when feeling a little bit down. This has certainly worked for me and is something I really recommend. 

So, the front of the diary is cream in colour and has a golden polkadot print all over. It has an elastic fastening which keeps everything nice and secure inside. I don't take this diary out with me, but I can imagine that this is helpful when chucking it into a bag too as the pages won't open so freely and look battered! 

As soon as you open the planner you have a little envelope section which is perfect for keeping important pieces of information or notes. This is where I normally keep my pen tucked into so I always have one with me. I currently have a business card from my Topshop personal shopping experience, a letter from my parents at Christmas and a Costco cake form that I am looking at for my 21st birthday! This space is really big and there is also another one of these sections on the next page.  Can we just talk about the gorgeous baby pink and gold colours? Oh my, they are utterly gorgeous! 

A nice little feature that the agenda has is that it actually starts from July 2015. So if you are one of those people who like to plan way way in advance then this diary will be for you! If only I knew about this! With that being said the 2016 section does run all the way through till January 2017!

Each month in the agenda is separated with another double page of polka dots. I love that this is a continuing feature throughout the diary. I do love me a polka dot! 

At the start of each month there is also an overview of the whole month. So you are able to write down any important information that you might need, as well as smaller less important information. I find that this section is quite good to look at when wanting to remember birthdays in particular as I can go ahead and make lots of cards in advance. 

Finally the main weekly section of the diary is absolutely gorgeous as well. There is plenty of space to write down lots of information and the lines are really nicely spaced out. The pages itself are smooth so it's very nice to write on. One thing that I think I will find annoying as the months go on is that if the month before finishes on say a Monday, then that day will be on the next months page. A little bit annoying, but a very minimal feature that I will certainly deal with! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
I know it is a little bit different to what I normally post about! 
If you would like another review like this let me know in the comments. I have a weakness for stationary! 

Have a lovely rest of your day! 
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