Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review- Posie K!

Hello, my names Francesca and I have a lipstick buying addiction! I just can't help but buy new products when I see them! If you saw my last Kylie Jenner Lip Kit review then you would have seen how much I loved the products! I knew that I wanted to buy some more when they are released and was super chuffed with myself when I managed to get my hands on Posie K. 

Posie K is a dusty mauve pink and is certainly one for a night out. I have to be completely honest, I haven't loved this one as much as Candy K but it's growing on me! I love how the packaging for all of the lip kits are the same, with the changing colour lips and top half depending on the kit. The lip kits sell for $29 USD with a $14.95 USD charge for posting outside of the states. A little bit pricey, but if buying a couple and splitting the price it isn't too bad! (I wouldn't suggest buying one on its own, unless that's all you want!) Converted to GBP it came to £21 for a lip kit which isn't too bad!  

Like Candy K, Posie K is a longlasting matte lipstick which lasts pretty much all day. Unlike Candy, I feel like you have to be very careful and precise when applying the product as it stains the skin and is more awkward to remove without having to redo half of your foundation, which I found out when trying to rush to get to uni! I love pairing this lipstick with a neutral nude eye and a subtle bronzed skin! 

I hope you liked this blogpost, I am sorry that I have been distant from this blog the past couple of weeks! I have been super stressed out with university work and deadlines, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks things will get back to normal and I can blog more! Yay! 

Have a lovely Easter weekend! 
Lots of love, 

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  1. I'm so desperate to get a lip kit but they're sold out in most places :( this colour is lovely x

    Heather x


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