Summer lipstick favourites!

So it appears that the sun played a trick on all of us in the UK last week by giving us a glimpse into the Summer sunshine! This little 'ray' of hope made me get all excited to wear my more 'summery' makeup looks, which to be honest I have been wearing throughout spring! With that being said I went through all of the shades of lipstick that I have been loving recently and some that I know I am going to continue to wear throughout the Summer season! 

I have had a love hate relationship with these two products. I have always loved the original Lip Kit in Candy from the moment I got it. So much so that I reckon I have worn this pretty much every day since it came in the post. The lipgloss on the other hand is causing me issues! I unfortunately bought the lipgloss on the first release so was in the minority of people who got the dodgy applicator! (which is apparently going to be replaced luckily.) Overall though I love both of these shades. I would say that the Like lipgloss is very similar to Candy in many ways although they don't look like it in the picture above. Both of these products I know I am going to love throughout the Summer. 

These next three lipsticks have certainly been left out a little bit recently. I remember using them all of the time last summer and have only used them once or twice each since. First of all, Creme cup is a gorgeous pastel pale pink colour. It is a perfect natural lip and finishes off a summer look amazingly! Next Angel is another favourite of mine. I have worn this under a couple of other lipsticks recently and love the combo, but also love wearing it on its own. The colour is very similar to Candy (Kylie Cosmetics) however is much easier to apply and doesn't need a liner! Finally I absolutely love this lipstick from the Little Mix collection in shade Jade. This lipstick is about two years old now and I don't think that the collection is still available to purchase, but if your looking for an everyday colour then you need to get this! It also leaves a lovely little shine to the lips. 

For more of a 'pink' route, I have loved wearing the Clinque chubby stick in shade Super Strawberry. I love how the chubby sticks are moisturising yet very pigmented at the same time. It is certainly the lipstick that I have thrown into my gym bag for a quick makeover after swimming. next is the Kiko 02 Smooth Temptation Lipstick. Oh my goodness this product smells amazing, apply's like butter and looks gorgeous on too. I love to apply this over my Angel lipstick! Finally I love using the Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lipgloss in Golden Pearl over any lipstick to give it a little bit of gloss. It has a gold shimmer throughout which makes it shine when the sun catches it perfectly. Although this is certainly one of my evening lip glosses! 

Have you got any favourite lip products that you have been using recently? Is there anything that I missed from my list? 
Let me know in the comments and don't forget to leave your URL so I can return the love! 
Have a lovely rest of your week! 
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April's Birchbox review!

How can another month have gone past already?!

The last month has been so busy, that I have been finding it really difficult to get online to sit down and blog. I have really missed it! But only three more weeks until the end of my university term and then I am free for the summer! So the countdown is truly beginning for the start of my first trip to the US! (I am so excited) So today's blogpost is featuring this months edition of my Birchbox subscription. This month I felt a little bit let down by the box, so read on to find out what I thought! 

 First of all this months box was designed by US cult stationary brand 'Rifle Paper Company'. Earlier on in the month I received an email to chose which box I wanted and this design was the one I went for. (Incase your wondering why the bottom of this box is different to the options given on the website, I swapped with my brothers girlfriend as her favourite colour is mint and we thought it went nicely!) Another thing about this months box was the fact that every box was receiving a Benefit sample which initially I was really excited about, until I saw it was the same samples that are always being given out! I mean come on, what about some hoola or rockateur!

 So this is the 'selection' of products that I received this month. As you can kind of see, it's not that exciting! First of all I got a Parlour detangling leave in conditioner. I am yet to try this product out, but I also received another leave in product last month which I am still using and don't think that I am going to be getting much use from this! Then I got the Kueshi, Foot Care Cream.  I just want to add that I love a foot cream. I am one of those weird people who love to take care of both hands and feet so am always looking for a foot cream that will do the job. With that being said I kind of didn't expect to receive one in a box where all the other products are not that interesting! Next was the Nuxe oil. This product kind of doubles up as a hair, hands and face oil. (A little bit like the previous two products mentioned from this box!). I am yet to try this, but am excited to see if it will make a difference over a cream formula! Then for the Benefit sample. I recieved They're Real, and if you know me you will know I have been using this mascara for the past 3 years. So I am kind of happy with this as out of the possible four to receive this is probably my second favourite! I am going to put it away and save it for my trip to the states! Finally I got a Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner which is a Birchbox exclusive. This was probably the most exciting thing in the box this month for me as I am finally getting into using eyeliner. I have never really been one to experiment with heavy eye makeup but recently decided to give it a go and have been loving it. Although I am not sure that winged eyeliner is in my future just yet!

 In conclusion I was a little disapointed with this months box. Most of the products are pretty much the same, boring and to be honest I wouldn't have paid £12 for it if I had known what was inside! I think that I may have to change my settings to see if I would receive different things inside!

Did you get this month's Birchbox? Did you get similar things to me or is your box like 200000000X better than mine!? 

Thanks for reading this blogpost!
I hope you have a lovely rest of your week! 
Lots of love, 

21 things for my 21st birthday!

I am officially 21! 
Man that sounds so weird to say! 

So I turned 21 on the 24th February and was really lucky to spend the time with my family who made the day special for me. I got a really lovely selection of thoughtful presents which I know I am going to cherish for the rest of my life. 

One present in particular which meant a lot to me was from my mum and dad. (Although we all know when it says mum and dad it's really just mum!) Along with a beautiful tiffany necklace and GHDSs, my mum put together a box of 21 presents for my 21st birthday. Such a creative little idea. She included lots of presents which I loved as a child. All I can say is that she either knows me very well, OR I am just very predictable!

This is the box that my mum put everything in!

The surprise was tickets to see Ellie Goulding at the 02!

My 21st Birthday!

This post is about two months late and my 21st birthday now feels like a distant memory! 

I wanted to include a roundup of some photographs that were taken on and around my birthday. The wonderful part of writing a blog is that in the future I am going to be able to look back on moments in my life that were special to me, and my 21st birthday was certainly one I want to remember!  

Nothing says 'Happy Birthday' quite like a balloon! My mummy bought this one for me to cheer me up! 

As a 21st century girl, I was excited to see the birthday balloons on my twitter page!

Birthday post and presents!

More birthday presents! 

This is my 'just woken up, birthday princess' ootd! 

The most excited I have been to open a box! 

A birthday balloon was left on my desk at work! 
Mirror selfie with my brother, at the top of the stairs in my local Wildwood!  

That awkward moment when the whole restaurant sings happy birthday to you..


As part of my birthday celebrations, we hired out 'The Brentwood Kitchen' for the evening. This place is a local hotspot so I felt really lucky to be able to have had it all to myself and my friends and family. They even put on a little spread and did some birthday cupcakes. The whole decoration inside is also so me! It was so Pinterest worthy! I mean fairy lights galore! 

Amazing table spread! 

Birthday OOTN- Dress- Topshop, Shoes- Zara, Bag- Accessorize

"And pose by the cake now.."

I am so glad I curled my hair for the special occasion..The rain outside didn't affect it at all! 

I love the randomness of the decorations in The Brentwood Kitchen! 


The most amazing Strawberry buttercream and Vanilla cupcakes! <3

Blowing out my candles! 
 I hope you enjoyed the selection of pictures that I have included. I know it's not a normal style of post but something that I really wanted to share! 

Hope you have had a lovely week so far! 
Lots of love,