March Favourites!

It's about that time of the month when I do a little post of the favourite things I used throughout the month of March! (Can we talk about how crazy that sounds. We are already in April!) A lot of my favourites this month are new, but there are some old goodies which I had forgotten about!

Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit
One thing that I have used every single day the past month has to be this lip kit. Candy K is a lovely dark nude colour and is long lasting. I haven't always worn the matte liquid lipstick with the liner, but I have loved everyday I have worn it. These lip kits are having a little bit of a mixed review online at the moment, as some people aren't receiving their kits in a great condition! I personally haven't had this issue, although the customer service really does need to be improved! 

 Model Co More Brows and W7 Super Brows
March was the month that I discovered my love for eyebrow products. Doing my brows were always the one thing I could leave when doing my everyday makeup look. I guess I didn't really know how to do them before but after watching lots of tutorials I have discovered a way that I like! I got the Model Co More Brows from March's birchbox and find it super easy to apply. It has a mascara type wand which spreads the product evenly. I visited an outlet store in Braintree last month that had a big outlet makeup store. Ahh-mazing! I have tried a couple of W7 products before and loved the quality of them, so as soon as I saw this I knew I wanted to try it out and I really liked how easy it was to use. My brother's girlfriend also loves this product and showed me how to use it and I haven't looked back since! I haven't yet tried these products together, but apparently they would make a good duo.

 Arrow Boost, Colour Enhancing Lip Balm
This was another product that I got in my latest Birchbox. It's a moisturising lip balm which changes colour when applied on your lips. On me it turns a lovely deep pink colour which is very natural and easy to wear. I like to wear this to the gym as it isn't heavy like a lipstick, but moisturises the lips which is nice when working out!  

Beauty Protector, Protect and Detangle
Again, I got this leave in Conditioner spray in my Birchbox. This product has been a lifesaver. I think that my hair is long over due an appointment so meanwhile I have been using this after washing and it leaves my fair feeling very soft and easy to brush. It also smells lovely which is a complete bonus! 

Olivia Burton Rose Gold Watch
I was gifted this watch from my brother and his girlfriend for my 21st birthday and have worn it everyday since. They also got the back engraved which makes it extra special for me. I never imagined having a watch as sad as that sounds! I guess I didn't know what it was like to have something on my watch 24/7, but now that I own it I can't imagine life without it! 

Pull and Bear, Stud Chelsea Boots
Don't you just love it when your cleaning out your wardrobe and find a pair of boots that you had forgotten you owned? This is the case with these boots. They are from Pull and Bear and are in a brown suede colour. I have worn these paired with jeans and a plaid top! 

Next, Camel Floppy Hat
Ok so this is kind of cheating as I bought it on the last week of March...BUT I loved it all of that week! This floppy hat kind of came into my life unexpectedly! I saw it at the till as I was purchasing something else and immediately wanted to get it! (I mean £4 in the sale sounds good to me!) It wasn't until I got home and took the tags out that I noticed that it is actually from the children's section and is for a 10-11 year old. I just love it and don't think that it has an age attached to it really! I can't wait to style it up in the summer as well with a gorgeous tea dress! 

Iphone Flamingo background
This is a very random favourite but I have been loving my phone background recently. I love everything pink and I love everything to do with animals, SO flamingo's are the most beautiful and perfect animals to me! Also how cute does it look against my Primark pillow! 

That's about everything that I have been consistently loving this month! 
Stay tuned for April's favourites coming soon!

Lots of love,

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  1. Oh these all look so exciting. I love browns and leather. I can see why the flamingo background was in your favourites ;) And that watch is gorgeous. I've been looking on the market for a nice one and that would be perfect.

    xxoBeka -


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