Summer lipstick favourites!

So it appears that the sun played a trick on all of us in the UK last week by giving us a glimpse into the Summer sunshine! This little 'ray' of hope made me get all excited to wear my more 'summery' makeup looks, which to be honest I have been wearing throughout spring! With that being said I went through all of the shades of lipstick that I have been loving recently and some that I know I am going to continue to wear throughout the Summer season! 

I have had a love hate relationship with these two products. I have always loved the original Lip Kit in Candy from the moment I got it. So much so that I reckon I have worn this pretty much every day since it came in the post. The lipgloss on the other hand is causing me issues! I unfortunately bought the lipgloss on the first release so was in the minority of people who got the dodgy applicator! (which is apparently going to be replaced luckily.) Overall though I love both of these shades. I would say that the Like lipgloss is very similar to Candy in many ways although they don't look like it in the picture above. Both of these products I know I am going to love throughout the Summer. 

These next three lipsticks have certainly been left out a little bit recently. I remember using them all of the time last summer and have only used them once or twice each since. First of all, Creme cup is a gorgeous pastel pale pink colour. It is a perfect natural lip and finishes off a summer look amazingly! Next Angel is another favourite of mine. I have worn this under a couple of other lipsticks recently and love the combo, but also love wearing it on its own. The colour is very similar to Candy (Kylie Cosmetics) however is much easier to apply and doesn't need a liner! Finally I absolutely love this lipstick from the Little Mix collection in shade Jade. This lipstick is about two years old now and I don't think that the collection is still available to purchase, but if your looking for an everyday colour then you need to get this! It also leaves a lovely little shine to the lips. 

For more of a 'pink' route, I have loved wearing the Clinque chubby stick in shade Super Strawberry. I love how the chubby sticks are moisturising yet very pigmented at the same time. It is certainly the lipstick that I have thrown into my gym bag for a quick makeover after swimming. next is the Kiko 02 Smooth Temptation Lipstick. Oh my goodness this product smells amazing, apply's like butter and looks gorgeous on too. I love to apply this over my Angel lipstick! Finally I love using the Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lipgloss in Golden Pearl over any lipstick to give it a little bit of gloss. It has a gold shimmer throughout which makes it shine when the sun catches it perfectly. Although this is certainly one of my evening lip glosses! 

Have you got any favourite lip products that you have been using recently? Is there anything that I missed from my list? 
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Have a lovely rest of your week! 
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  1. I love spring lip colours and mine are all the same as you. Mehr from MAC is my go to shade at the moment.

    Parie x

    1. Sorry that it's taken me a while to reply to your comment!
      Mehr is a gorgeous shade! I have my eye on that as well as velvet teddy!

      Thanks again for commenting xx

  2. Yum yum yum yum yum. This is better than candy in my opinion.

  3. As someone that's addicted to lipsticks, I absolutely adored reading this post. You can never have too many shades, right? I actually plan on doing a post similar to this next month, so if you want to see some of my favourite picks, then feel free to check it out :)

    Jade xx |

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment!

      I love reading posts like this myself so was looking forward to doing one of my own!
      You should do a post like this too!

      Thanks again for the comment
      Francesca xxx


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