Natural Collection Beauty Box!

A couple of weeks ago I received a message which left me very excited! 

Natural collection was the first makeup brand that I ever tried and it saw me through all of the 'awkward' years when attending senior school. (So for that NC thank you!) 

Since then, I will be the first to admit that I had kind of forgotten about the brand, so when I was contacted I jumped for joy at experiencing the nostalgia all over again and I was certainly not left disappointed! 

Natural collection believe in keeping makeup simple with staple products to create an effortless beauty look. This can definitely be achieved with the selection of products I was sent to create 3 steps to a natural radiant glow! First of all, I love the packaging although I am a sucker for shredded anything as a decorative detail! I love the way it looks like it is in a little nest and it makes it totally Instagram worthy! 

So the first thing in the box was the classic Tinted Moisturiser in Natural. This was the first ever makeup product that I owned. It gives you a natural glow and has a sheer coverage. This is perfect for days when you don't feel like putting on a 'face' of makeup, but still want to have something on. It acts as the perfect base for products as well as it leaves the skin feeling really smooth and soft. It comes in three shades. I found applying this using my hands was a lot easier than applying with a brush, it also made the look appear more natural. It certainly doesn't hide any blemishes or freckles, but I think this is what I like so much about it. It truly is a no makeup, with a little bit of makeup look. I am also thinking this is a perfect 'on the plane' moisturiser for my holiday! 

 To go along with the tinted moisturiser was a Pressed Powder in Warm. This can be applied after the moisturiser to leave your skin feeling matte and shine free. I love this powder and after using it prefer it over my Rimmel one! It has a slight colour to it which doesn't necessarily show up on the skin, but could be used for a little bit of coverage if you would like it to. Again, this comes in 3 shades! I use my powder brush to apply this, although tap it on the top of my nose and under my eyes softly with my fingers. 

Next was the Sun-tint Bronzing Powder in Golden Glow. Now, I will be honest, as soon as I saw this product in the box I was a little scared. The powder looks extremely dark and a little glittery? However when applied its a completely different story. I think the idea of this product is that it is a 2-in-1 highlight and bronze, although I could be very wrong! I began to apply it softly in the contour areas and love the glow that it gave me. I love it and can see myself using this a lot in the future! This is a perfect drugstore version of my favourite Hoola! This product also comes in two shades. 

Now, I don't tend to use blush in my everyday makeup routine as I feel like I have a natural pinkness in my cheeks normally due to being pale, but I love how cute this little blusher pot is. This Blushed Cheeks in Pink Cloud, is a pretty pink tone that when softly applied on the cheeks gives a natural blush. This product comes in 6 shades. 

When swatching the products I was really impressed with how pigmented they are. Each product is worth £1.99 each which is really affordable for a lot of people who want to experiment and try out makeup for both first time and experiences users. I know that I am going to visit the Natural Collection stand next time I am in Boots thanks to these products. I am interested in trying out a mascara and lipstick to complete this overall natural look. 

 I hope this blogpost has changed your mind about trying a cheaper alternative to your high street favourites. I love the look that I created from these products and am interested in seeing whether the lipsticks, mascara and brow products are as amazing as the other products that I had tried. The Natural Collection products can be purchased at Boots in-store or online.

Thanks for reading! 
Let me know if you have tried any Natural Collections products in the comments below. 
Lots of love, 

*The products mentioned in this post have been sent to me to review and try out. All opinions and comments are my own.


  1. That tinted moisturiser was my first makeup product too! Might give it another try x

    1. I don't know if its because I am more experienced with makeup than when I first tried it, but it is better than I remembered!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!
      Francesca xxx

  2. You look so pretty! Natural collection was also the first makeup brand I tried and I loved it so much! x

    1. Thank you babe for the lovely comment!
      I have really found a new love for this makeup brand! I have been using the powder so much over the past couple of days and its amazing! haha

      Thanks again!
      Francesca xxxx

  3. I love Natural Collection products. Their eyeshadow in Willow is perfect as a highlighter! x
    Louise |

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment!
      I havent tried that! I might see if I can get it next time I am in boots!

      Lots of love,
      Francesca, 💜

  4. Is it wierd I recognised the shade of the blush as sooon as i saw the pic. I have that and I love it!!

    Kookii || Beauty By Her♥

    1. Its such a pretty shade!
      Thanks for the comment
      Francesca xx


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