Saturated Colour Cosmetics Locked Lips review!

You know that feeling when you discover a product that might just change your whole makeup routine forever? Well I think I may have just found it with this product! 

I have never seen a lip product quite like this, and to be honest I didn't know what to expect from it! The product is a clear lip sealant that locks in your lipstick to make it long lasting with no transfer. This means that technically, you should be able to eat and drink without the worry of lip products being wiped off! Such a bonus if you don't have time, or just can't be bothered, to touch up your lipstick when on the go!

How cool does this product look! When receiving Locked Lips, I was expecting it to have a dough foot applicator, so I was really surprised to see more of a 'nail varnish' brush. The brush makes it really easy to apply the product as it helps you to guide it onto your lips! It also means you can apply the right amount of product each time.

To test this product out, I decided that I would wear one of the brightest lipsticks that I have, as well as one that always has to be touched up throughout the day! I then applied Locked Lips and waited for the product to set. I was surprised at how quick this happened. You only have to apply a small layer for this to work and there isn't any weird taste or feeling on the lips either which was something I was a little weary about! The only minus about this product, if you can call it a minus, is that when waiting the few minutes for the product to dry, the lips feel rather sticky. This is only a momentary thing though and it soon goes back to being dry. 

First Impression
After wearing this product for a couple of hours, I can tell that this is going to be something that I am going to love to wear when wearing a bold colour. It would also be perfect to apply before a night out as I would be able to guarantee that my lipstick would not smudge at all.

To be honest, I didn't really find any negatives from this product at all. I know that I will be more than likely to wear it a lot when I want to have a long-lasting lipstick. The only tip when applying Locked Lips that I can think of, is that you need to make sure you apply it everywhere on your lips unlike my first time using this where I somehow missed the edges and middle of my lips! (As seen in the image above!) You also need to make sure you clean the brush after every use as your lipstick transfers onto the brush. This is something however that I did expect to have to do! 

Overall, this product really surprised me. There were a lot of statements made about Locked Lips that I thought couldn't possibly be true! However it really is a great product that locks in any lipstick that you want to last all day! I know that this is now going to be something that I am going to use more frequently! Oh and its 100% coming with me to America this summer! 

Locked Lips is available online at

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Have you tried any of the Saturated Colour Cosmetics lip products? Is there anything you think I need to try? 

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*The product mentioned in this post was sent to me to review! All opinions and comments are completely my own and honest! 

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