Beauty: Birchbox October 2016

Take a peek inside October's Birchbox! 

Birchbox October 2016

It feels like months since I last posted a first impression review/haul on the latest Birchbox. (I guess that's because it is seeing as I skipped a month!) To be honest I was a little let down with last months box so decided that I really couldn't be bothered to even talk much about it. One things for sure, this month is 10 times better than any of the boxes I have ever received from Birchbox so they have certainly redeemed themselves.

Birchbox October 2016 box design

Birchbox October 2016 contents

This months box was inspired by all things astrological. Birchbox have created 4 different box designs that were sent out to you depending on what your star sign is (or was, sorry NASA but I am a Pisces no matter what you say!). A fun little extra about the box this month is that they also have glow in the dark stars all over them which is such a fun extra detail. Birchbox have also recently changed the design of their boxes to a drawer which I didn't love to begin with, but now really like! (I love using these boxes to store my pro marker pens in as they are great for storage!) Another great thing about this months box was that inside every box was a full sized lip product which is always a bonus. Let's take a peek inside...

Lord and Berry Maxi Matte Crayon lipstick

Lord and Berry Maxi Matte Crayon lipstick

Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon in Intimacy
I was so excited to see that this was the full sized lip product in this months box. I have seen lots of bloggers raving about these products over the past few months so they are becoming more and more popular. I am also a BIG fan of matte lipsticks so was intrigued to see if this was comfortable to wear. The colour is a gorgeous dark rose shade which I imagine will suit lots of different skin tones. The idea of this pencil is that you line using the tip then fill them in afterwards. The product is so creamy and feels like a balm on your lips. I have worn this a couple of times to university already and love that I don't have to think about topping up my lipstick as it last's on the lips all day. 

Oribe Dry texturising spray

Oribe Dry texturising spray

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray
I feel like this is another blogger favourite product this month! I love to use dry shampoo whenever I'm feeling lazy, but have never really used a texturising spray before. This spray is a mixture of the both, making the hair look cleaner as well as giving it an instant lift. I am yet to try this product, but am excited to see if it really does add volume to my hair without feeling all sticky!

Doux Me Paris moisturising spray

Doux Me Paris moisturising spray

Doux Me Pure Mist Spray
This product is a Birchbox exclusive! I was hoping to receive something like this, this month after hearing that I would be getting a water themed box. I have always wanted to try the Evian spring water spray but never found it in stores when I was looking. The point of the spray is to give you a moment of calm and relaxation whilst soothing and hydrating your skin. I feel that this would have been perfect in the July/August box so that we could have taken it on holiday. 

Hammam Body Mud

Hammam Body Mud

Rituals Hammam Body Mud
This is another product that I have never really tried before. This purifying body scrub is used to refresh and smooth the skin. The instructions say to use it once or twice weekly so I imagine that its quite an intense product! With that being said I can't wait to add it into my weekly routine! It smells lovely anyway.

N4 hair oil

N4 Hair Oil

Number 4 Elixir and Restore Oil
I know that I say every month how sick I am about receiving hair products...BUT this product is certainly an exception. Hair oils are relatively new to me, I have probably used them once or twice in the past. Although I liked the ones I had tried, they always left my hair feeling greasy quicker than normal. So I am really looking forward to trying this out to see if it is any better. Apparently it will transform my hair into silky strands, lets see if it lives up to this statement!

Birchbox eyebrow Brush

Birchbox eyebrow brush

Birchbox Eyebrow Brush
Why do I feel like the conversation of including this product in the box went like this... "Guys, we have found a load of eyebrow brushes out the back what should we do with them?" "Shove them in everybody's Birchbox's this month", "ok cool.". Quite a random product to include, however very useful in your makeup routine. So thanks Birchbox I guess? 

So overall I am super impressed with all of the contents in the box this month, which is lucky as I was thinking about cancelling my subscription after last months disaster! This month I also signed up to receive Glossybox, so I am looking forward to being able to compare the two boxes. 

Is there anything that I recieved this month you have tried? What are your thought? Let me know in the comments! 

Lots of love, 

Contents of Birchbox October 2016

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