Beauty: Kylie Cosmetics Maliboo and Candy K review!

So I may have accidentally purchased another two Kylie Jenner Lip Kits! Although after the annoying custom fee being added onto my order, I reckon that this will be my last purchase for a while! I have been wearing my Candy K lip kit since the day I got it back in February. The shade has truly become 'my' colour and it's made me fall in love with the matte finish even more. I have tried to find a replacement/dupe of Candy for months and haven't had much luck on my search. So I knew that I would eventually have to reorder from Kylie Cosmetics. After seeing the email about $5 shipping, I knew it was time to order! The $14.95 shipping fee normally puts me off ordering from them as I know that on top of this price is the uncertainty of a custom fee charge. (In the past I have been lucky to have not paid this on Lip Kit orders, however I did have to pay it on a lipgloss replacement delivery.) 

The main reason for this order was to replace my favourite Candy K Lip Kit shade. However, somewhere along the line I ended up talking myself into purchasing a new shade as I knew I wanted to try a new colour and didn't want to pay for shipping and customs again down the line. Initially I was going to get Dirty peach, but as soon as I saw Maliboo I knew that it was the shade for me. Maliboo is quite similar to Candy K, but is a little bit more of a cool toned nude. It is a really wearable everyday colour which was exactly what I needed in my collection! Like all of the Lip Kits, you receive a liner and liquid lipstick in the box. The liner is super creamy and so easy to apply. I also love wearing the liners on their own as well as with the kits so it's a 2-in-1 kind of deal! The liquid lipstick comes with a dough foot applicator which makes applying it smooth and quick! I love how this shade looks on me, and can imagine that I will be wearing it a lot in the next few wintery months! 

Candy K, Maliboo
I love the Lip Kits from Kylie Cosmetics, but just wish that they were slightly cheaper and a lot more easy to get hold of! There are so many different products now within her collection that I would love to try but just hate having to pay an expensive shipping fee and custom charge everytime she releases a new product! Maybe one day I will be in the position to without worrying! Although, she deffo has enough money and popularity to put her products into stores now...

Anyway, what do you think about Kylie Cosmetics? Have you tried any of her Lip Kits? Any shades you think I might like to try. Or what are your opinions on the shadows/liners? Let me know! 



  1. loved this!! i'm exactly the same I always wait normally till I wanna buy in big chunks so the postage is cheaper than keep going back.. never really learn though lol. Mailboo looks so good though might have to try and get that ahaha

  2. Ah it's a shame about the custom fee! Love the look of Maliboo x

  3. I haven't ordered for a while despite really wanting to try Maliboo & other new shades, but custom fees etc really put me off! It ends up being so expensive, it's crazy. I love Kylie's products though they are amazing x

    Charlie @ ablogbycharlie ||

  4. loved reading this ! fab photos too ! I think I might have to add these shades to my collection , they look gorgeous ! Laura x

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