Beauty: The new makeup bible - Pixiwoo Face book review

I have been blogging for over three years now, and honestly the time has flown by. Before blogging, like many others, watching YouTubers took up a lot of my time. The fact that ordinary everyday people were creating videos for you to watch for free really interested me, this made me really want to get involved within the community. The first beauty themed channel that I came across was Pixiwoo. I was a late bloomer in the makeup world and didn't really know where to begin. The first video I ever watched of Pixiwoo's was how to apply foundation. Since then, I have been hooked. 

Back in April, I was browsing twitter and saw that Sam and Nic (Pixiwoo) were tweeting about attending Stylist Live and holding a talk. I instantly booked tickets for my mum and I to go. Fast forward to two weekends ago, and my mum and I were on the way to London for the event. For some reason I felt so anxious, yet excited to go to the Pixiwoo talk. I hoped that they were everything I thought they would be and I am so happy to say that they completely were. Their honesty and passion for their craft is something that I really admire in them. You can really tell that they love the whole makeup world and want to empower and encourage women to be themselves. My mum loved the talk as well and I think she now understands why I spend half of my time attempting to recreate their looks when going out. I knew I wanted to get their book 'Face', but didn't expect it to be at the Stylist Live event as it wasn't due to be released until the week after. Luckily I got a signed copy too, which makes it that extra bit special! Now onto the book review...

This book is incredible for anybody wanting to learn more about makeup application. I thought I knew which makeup was good for my skin, I was wrong! I love that this book completely reflects their honesty of their videos. Plus it's nice to be able to see an insight to their background from the biography pages. The book is full of gorgeous images of the girls applying makeup on themselves as well as models of various skin tones. As a pale girl I always feel very intimidated when it comes to experimenting with makeup so I love that they have included stuff I can relate too! From which brush to choose for application to the basics of skincare, this book truly covers everything. You can really tell that a lot of thought, effort and time has gone into creating each individual page. 

I love that there is finally a book like this is available. I love that I can finally learn how to apply eyeliner and eyelashes correctly from the step by step guides that have been included! I am so excited to finish reading Face and will certainly be sharing it with everyone I know! 

What do you think of the book? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments! 

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