Blogmas Day 1 : 5 things I love about Christmas

Blogmas day one

Can I just say…WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE? It feels just like yesterday that I was summarising my whole ‘Blogmas 2015’ experience, and now here I am in 2016, back with another  ‘Blogmas’ series. For those who may not know what I am talking about, Blogmas is a little series of Christmas themed blog posts that are uploaded daily throughout the month of December.  ‘Blogging every day to Christmas’. I started taking part in this 2 years ago, and although I found it stressful I enjoyed the whole experience. I am also a lot more planned this year! So am excited to share with you all of the posts I have created!

Fireplace at Christmas

5 things I love about Christmas!

1)   Christmas Music – Love it or hate it, but nothing beats a rainy cold Saturday afternoon, out Christmas shopping while listening to the classics. Although lets be honest, I am certainly one of those people who start preparing myself with the tunes in September. Ok, so I love Christmas!

2)   Christmas Movies – Closely followed by Christmas music HAS to be Christmas Movies right? Again, there is nothing better than a lazy Sunday afternoon sat in front of the television watching a Christmas movie classic. Some of my favourite’s including The Grinch, Arthur Christmas and The Polar Express! Again, I started watching these in September because nothing puts me in a better mood than a little bit of festive cheer!

Christmas Tree

3)   Decorating – Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favourite things to do to get me into the holiday spirit. I don’t know about you, but in our house we have a tradition that we have to get our tree on the first weekend in December. Ever since I can remember we have done this, and despite my moans and groans of wanting to get the tree earlier, I love that we have this little tradition. We also always get a real tree, as the smell sums up Christmas!

4)   Family – Ok, so I guess we knew that this one would be coming! Despite everything I have already said, and will be saying, nothing means more at Christmas to me than my family. Christmas is the one time of year that everybody takes time out of their busy schedule’s to just spend it with each other. I am really lucky to have a large family to spend the holiday season with which makes it extra special. My mum has baked a gorgeous Christmas cake for the past couple of years as well which I have adopted as our new family tradition…not that she knows this yet!

Christmas Presents

5)   Presents – I know I am not alone when I say this, but I love shopping for other people’s Christmas presents. It’s probably my most favourite part. Especially when buying for my brother, mum and dad. I like to think I am a good present giver as I make so many notes on my phone for things they say they want. Sometimes I spend hours searching online for the perfect gift.

So there are some of my top 5 things that I love most about Christmas!
 What do you love most about Christmas? Let me know!


  1. One of my favourite things is just the general atmosphere! When all the lights are up in the streets and everyone smiles at it!
    Can't wait to read the rest of your Blogmas posts


    1. Hey lovely!

      Sorry for only just replying to your message...BUT thank you for commenting haha!

      I just love Christmas lights so much! It makes everything feel so special!

      Thanks again for the comment!
      Francesca xxx


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