Blogmas Day 13 : Where To Shop Online This Christmas

Christmas shopping is probably one of my favourite kinds of shopping to do. I love browsing aimlessly around stores decked out in tinsel with Christmas music blasting. There’s something fun and festive about actually picking up and holding what you’re thinking about buying. As much fun as shopping in person is, it can get a little bit hectic. Especially in December when the queues are always out the door, and the stores turn into one huge jumble sale!

For the past couple of years my dad and I have always done the majority of our Christmas shopping together. He takes the day off of work and we visit the biggest shopping center that’s closest to us, and spend the whole day working down our Christmas lists. Quite often I leave with nothing but a book full of things that I want to look online for (I mean c’mon, with my student budget I need to find the best deal possible). 

I thought for this post I would share some of my favourite places to shop online for Christmas presents.  A few of my favourite places have been mentioned already in this Blogmas series a couple of times, which proves how much I love them!

When it comes to looking for that special personalised Christmas gift, Not On The High Street definitely takes the biscuit! (And I’m not just saying that because they invited me to their Christmas press day in July! I honestly think the website is amazing.) You can seriously find anything your looking for, and it’s a great place to come up with ideas if you’re stuck as well. A lot of the items are also able to be personalised which is always a lovely finishing touch to any gift!

If your looking for a website that you know can cater for any age, then John Lewis and Debenhams is probably the best place to go. From flowers to makeup, they offer it all. Both of the stores also offer amazing Christmas hampers/novelty gifts which are often £10 or under. As huge department stores, you are able to simply browse through the different sections where you can pretty much guarantee you can get a gift for everybody in your family.

I have been shopping at the Dotcom Gift Shop for the past couple of years. I love the range of products that they have to offer. Again they cater for lots of different ages, but one thing for sure is you will be able to find something! I also love the wrapping paper that you can find in the ‘Gifts- Cards and Wrap’ section. A lot of the stock is designed to look very vintage which I love. If your looking for little stocking fillers, this website is definitely the place to go!

This is a little controversial pick for me as I love shopping in the physical Disney stores, BUT I just love all of the online exclusives that they have to offer. (Plus you can totally shop in your pj’s with a Disney movie on in the background, winning!) Around Christmas time, The Disney Store offer a lot of amazing deals on a lot of their products. My favourite is probably the DVD offers where you can pick up an absolute bargain! They also quite often have their large stuffed toys at a reduced price, so your able to pick up something cute and cuddly for a more reasonable amount!

This is probably very self-explanatory, but I love shopping on ASOS all year round for the amazing student discount. But I also love being able to browse through all of the different brands on the website. They have a lot to offer for the fashion conscious people in your life. They also have a gift section, where you can get quite a few smaller ‘quirky’ gifts for the perfect secret santa! (Make sure you check out yesterdays Blogmas post for all of my secret santa gift ideas!)

Those are a few of my favourite places to shop! If you think I have missed some out then make sure you let me know in the comments! Hope you have a lovely rest of your day!

Happy Christmas!

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