Blogmas Day 15 : DIY Christmas Gifts

How are we already on day fifteen of Blogmas!? It’s just crazy how quickly the time is going! I have really been loving writing up these posts and sharing my Christmas excitement so I hope you have also enjoyed reading them!

For today’s post, I thought I would share a couple of DIY Christmas gift ideas that I have made/put together this year for presents. (So hopefully nobody in my family reads this…this is your cue to stop reading parents!)

Snapfish Photobook
I think DIY-ing your own Christmas gifts makes for amazing personalized presents. This year, I knew that I wanted to make my parents a scrapbook full of all the pictures I took on our holiday to America in the summer. I had thought about printing out all of the photographs individually, however decided to use the online Snapfish editing site to create my own photo book. The last time I made one of these books was probably a year ago so I was happily surprised to see that there is a lot more options now in terms of customization. You are able to add little stickers to pages to personalise them, which I did with the different names of places we visited. I also liked how they gave you different options for photograph layouts. This was really helpful for me as I struggle to narrow down the images that I took! Snapfish is quite cheap to purchase from and there are lots of different discount codes online that you can use. (When I ordered the book I could use my 50% off student discount code)

(This is my own handmade work, so please do not use this image)

(This is my own handmade work, please do not use this image)

Scrabble Word Art
This might be one of my personal DIY gifts to make, and one that I have actually been making for people at craft fairs and through Facebook. Scrabble word art has become so popular over the past couple of years, and they are super easy to make yourself! They take a little bit of time to make but look so cool and pretty when finished! You can get lots of the pieces on Amazon or on the high street as well so it’s easily accessible. My favourite thing about this gift is that you are able to write whatever word/name you like making it really personal.

Those are a couple of ideas that I am thinking of doing for my own DIY gifts this year. Both take a little bit of time to make so are certainly not last minute, but if you have the time then they are certainly worth doing! Hope this post gave you a little bit of inspiration! Let me know if your going to be making any of them!

Happy Christmas!

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  1. These are so cute! I love the Scrabble word art - would never think of doing that myself! :)

    Lizzie xx


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