Blogmas Day 16 : My Christmas Movie Picks

Ahh this Blogmas post is probably one of my favourite ones to be writing! I am partial to a Christmas movie. Christmas 24 is on the television the moment it starts being shown at the beginning of November. Nothing about Christmas movies gets old and I love them all, although I do have my select favourites!

1)   Arthur Christmas – This is probably one of the best new Christmas films in my opinion and definitely up there with The Grinch and Elf. I am always so shocked when people say they haven’t seen it!

2)   The Grinch – Close second is The Grinch. This one is a oldie goldie, and certainly another must see Christmas movie if you haven’t yet! I always watch this on Christmas Eve when struggling to sleep. Poor Mr Grinch, so misunderstood!

3)   Elf – Again, another predictable Christmas movie for me to choose. I love this film for how uplifting and genuinely funny it is. I am a big fan of Will Ferrell so having him in a Christmas movie was always going to be a win! Plus who doesn’t enjoy a movie about an oversized Christmas Elf!

4)   Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer The Movie – This is a film which I am not sure a lot of people know about. I used to watch the video every Christmas Eve with my cousins before going to the local Christingle service. It’s such a cute film with lots of festive songs and festive cheer.

5)   The Polar Express – I was a little late discovering this movie. I saw half of it one day when it was shown on the television and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen it before. If you like this then its guaranteed that you will like Arthur Christmas!

So there are 5 of my favourite movies that I think you NEED to see to fulfill all of your festive needs! Let me know what your favourites are and what I need to see!

Happy Christmas

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  1. Polar express was my childhood favourite Christmas 🎄 movie 🎥. It's just such a wonderful movie, elf is also fab too.
    Becca Xxx //


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