Blogmas Day 17 : Christmas Wrapping Inspiration

I can’t be the only one who suddenly questions a career change in gift-wrapping every time Christmas comes around. I just genuinely really enjoy the whole process of finding the perfect paper and trimmings. Every year I try and set myself a little theme, although I know my mum and I are the only ones who actually pay attention and recognise this!  Because lets be honest, my brother is as observant as a goldfish! There are a lot of different ways to wrap up presents, which don’t just include using paper. I thought I would share a few of my ideas on how to wrap your gifts this Christmas season!

This year I want to go with a white and gold theme with a little bit of brown paper thrown in…who doesn’t love a little bit of brown paper! I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest, and have pinned away for the last month to try and find some inspiration for my own wrapping. (Which you can see HERE.)

Image from Pinterest- Cox & Cox

I really love how the simple brown paper can be all Christmas-fied by adding a simple bit of ribbon. If you’re more creative, you could also decorate the paper yourself by simply drawing or painting onto it. (I have seen some cute children’s wrapping ideas of finger painting reindeers on top!) Another option, if your not as confident in the drawing element, is adding cute little stickers. You can get Christmas themed stickers in The Works or Wilkinsons as well as online.

As much as I have said that I enjoy wrapping, sometimes it’s quite nice to put everything in a cute little gift bag/box with lots of tissue paper. Tissue paper is my best friend when it comes to filling up a bag so don’t forget to put some scrunched up at the bottom to puff it out a little bit!

Image from Pinterest - Hobbycraft blog

In terms of wrapping supplies, the possibilities are endless! Any store you go into sells rolls or single sheets of paper that you can purchase. One of my favourite places for paper is usually the Card Factory, as your able to get a lot of different rolls for quite a reasonable price. (You can also buy brown paper from here too, although I purchase mine at my local newsagents). If your looking for only a little bit of paper that you want to be special then perhaps try Paperchase. They’re not as cheap as shopping elsewhere, but they have some gorgeous glitter and foil designs.

So how you are wrapping up your presents this year! Do you have a particular theme? Or do you just stick to simple wrapping paper and tape? Let me know!

Happy Christmas and Happy wrapping!

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