Blogmas Day 18 : DIY Christmas Tags

Yesterday’s Blogmas post was all about wrapping, today I am going to be sharing some of my DIY Christmas tag ideas. Making Christmas tags is a key part of wrapping up presents…not only does it make life ten times easier for you when giving out a gift, but it also can make it very personal for people.

The past couple of years I have loved going to my local ‘Christmas Magic’ store and picking up some pretty wooden tree ornaments to put on the front of the gifts. When looking for these ornaments I look out for spaces to personalise them with names. I saw this idea a couple of years ago on a Kirstie Alsop Christmas programme and loved the idea of making a little collection of ornaments over the years. (I only do this for my immediate family as it can get quite expensive!) It’s a great way to collect ‘random’ ornaments for the Christmas tree for the following year, and everybody loves things with their names on them! (I also use the same idea with place settings on Christmas day!)

Simple brown paper and string
If you read yesterday’s post, then you will be aware of the fact my wrapping theme for this year is brown paper with hints of silver, white and gold. I love this combination together and have been really inspired by flicking through lots of pinterest accounts over the past couple of weeks. Making the brown paper tag is really easy to do as you only need smaller snippets of the paper that you may have cut out and discarded, string and a hole punch. Much like decorating the wrapping paper, you can decorate the paper tags with drawings as well as stickers and paint. Finishing with a little bit of twine/string/ribbon makes a really pretty gift to recieve!

I saw this idea last year and also fell in love with it! You can simply print out the first letter of the name whose gift it is and attach it to a bit of card. Hole punch one of the corners and use a pretty bit of ribbon/twine to attach it to a present. This only works if there aren’t a lot of people with the same initial in the family, although you could always use a contrasting pen colour to neatly write their name on it as well. (This too could double up as a tree decoration when finished with! or a place setting which I also have used!) 

Those are just a few of the ideas that I have come up with to label my Christmas presents this year, which are a little bit more decorative than just using a simple shop bought tag! (Although this is completely okay also).

Let me know if your going to be using any of these ideas on your own presents! I would love to see them!

Happy Christmas!

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