Blogmas Day 22 : Making A Gingerbread House

This is probably one of my most favourite Blogmas posts to be writing. There is nothing I enjoy more in the Christmas season than to spend a whole afternoon making and creating our family gingerbread house!

My brother and I have been making this together for the past couple of years and make quite a good double act. He does the manual labor task of measuring ingredients and baking the actual gingerbread house. We usually construct it together, before him leaving me to decorate it in peace (he just doesn’t quite understand the whole one Smartie per roof tile situation). This year, I have thrown a spanner in the works and bought a pretty little gingerbread house from Costco. It was a complete bargain at £5.99 for everything including sweets and icing. So we are throwing all the rulebooks out the window this year to make this epic little house, which hopefully will remain standing!

Constructing the Gingerbread house is harder than it looks believe me! But through a lot of team work, and being told off for not ‘holding it properly’, our house was constructed. I love how perfectly unperfect this looks. I started off with the idea that everything would have its own little place, but after working with my brother realised that we had two very different visions that slotted together alright in the end!

I really enjoy making and decorating Gingerbread houses with my brother. It’s something that I now really look forward to doing every time the Christmas season begins.

I would love to see your Gingerbread houses if you have made them this year! Tweet them to me @Bellamomentox or tag me in them on Instagram!

Happy Christmas

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