Blogmas Day 23 : Perfect Christmas Dinner Table Setting

Ahh! 2 more sleeps until Christmas, that can only mean one thing!


This is probably the first year that I have been so excited for Christmas day for a long time. I have just genuinely enjoyed feeling the festivities that Blogmas has had to offer me this year. I have also really enjoyed reading and discovering lots of new bloggers each day. So many great posts!

Today’s post is one that I personally love reading. Home decoration is probably one of my favourite things to look at and do. When it comes to Christmas day everything usually revolves around food. So making the table setting special is something that my mum and I really like to do. We really like to think of new ideas every year, which can sometimes be quite difficult!

Initial place settings
This is the place setting that we used last year. My mum and I found these gift tag initials in Marks and Spencer’s and decided to place them on the table on Christmas day. We used the gold initials for the ladies, and silver for the men. Thinking back I wish that we had attached them to the bottom of a wine glass, or wrapped around the cutlery. Oh well! Maybe next year!

Another thing that my mum always thinks about doing is small little table chocolate’s. She quite often orders these online on the Chocoholics website as they do really cute boxes with one or two small chocolates inside. In the past she has got the men small little top hats and the ladies little metal handbags, all with chocolate inside. I think this is such a cute idea, however it may not be wise to give to children before they have eaten their dinner!

Table Decorations
A Christmas wreath is always a great way to go for Christmas, however there are lots of cute ‘Pinterest’ ideas that you can use as well. I was lucky enough to attend the Not On The High Street Christmas event back in July and saw so many cute little place settings! I thought I would share a couple of these images again as a source of inspiration!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you a little bit of inspiration! My mum and I are still debating what we want to do this year, and with two days to go we need to think fast! So please share your ideas with us!

Happy Christmas!

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