Blogmas Day 4 : Christmas tree reveal

Blogmas Day four

It really doesn't feel like Christmas until the tree is up in the front room making everything smell perfect. Our family has a really lovely tradition of getting our Christmas tree on the first weekend of December. It's something that we have always done ever since I was very young. As a child we would always lay out all the ornaments before my brother and I were let loose to 'decorate' the tree. Although lets be honest, I am sure my mum went around afterwards changing it and making it nice. As the years have gone on, the decorating is always left to my mum and I. 

Christmas Tree

This year we decided that we wanted to go with a Red and Gold theme. We had already purchased lots of new ornaments last Christmas so knew that we had everything we needed to make it look special. Over the years we have also been given/bought lots of 'one off' ornaments which every family has. I personally love the mismatched theme as it makes the tree interesting to look at, although I know that my mum disagrees with this! (Although I did kind of go with a red and gold theme in the end!)

As well as the main tree downstairs I have two little ones that sit on top of my chest of drawers. I love to decorate these with all of the leftover ornaments which are usually taken off/forgotten about!

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? Let me know what theme you have gone with this year!

Happy Christmas!

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