Blogmas Day 8 : Gift Guide for the whole family

Christmas to me has always, and will always, be about family. It is truly the one time of the year that everyone is able to get together to enjoy each other’s company. The past couple of years, my family and I have received some unique gifts that allowed us to be together which meant a lot to us. Although buying gifts for the whole family isn't always the route people go down, I thought it would be a nice to come up with a couple of ideas to help you out if your a little stuck in your gift giving search! Hope you enjoy! 

This is the perfect present for families that are ‘potter’ about Potter! Initially when we were given this as a gift, I was a little bit skeptical. Being locked in a room where you have to solve puzzles and do tasks to get the ‘key’ to escape doesn’t sound like fun to me. However, this was such an amazing experience!  I won’t give away any secrets, but it seriously one of the best presents we have ever received as a family. Plus it was a quality hour where nobody was allowed phones. (We also went out for amazing pizza afterwards!)

The best kinds of Christmas gifts, in my opinion, are the ones that have been thought long and hard about. Nothing says personal more than a photo album! Snapfish have always been my go to online website for all photographic needs. I love how easy the photo books editing software is as it allows you to be so creative with what you make. I am currently making one of these for my family to enjoy with all of the pictures from our trip to America. (Although whittling them down is becoming very difficult!)

As soon as I saw this I knew it would be the perfect gift! Anything personalised is a winner for families. I love this idea of the family tree being shown literally as a family with all of the names intertwined together. (I used to make something similar with scrabble letters and that was such a hit!) You can choose which colour you would like for the tree, and if you would like the frame as well you can pay a little extra. Although I am sure you could find something perfect in Ikea that would display it just as nice!

Just like what I have just mentioned with the tree, a print is another amazing gift for the family. This really stood out to me on the ‘NOTHS’ website as there are a lot of personalisation’s that can be added to the gift. For example, you get to choose the colour, the words, the door number and road name. This really makes it truly special!

This is the gift that my family needs. Keeping time isn’t an amazing thing in my household. We either run very early, or very late. Although when we’re late it is usually down to me having a last minute fashion crisis! I saw this and knew it needed a mention. Around the outside are lists of family rules, which are cute and lovely! In the center you add your family name. I love that this is the type of gift that you can keep forever.

I hope this gives you a couple of ideas if you’re buying for the family. They were certainly some of my favourite finds! Let me know if you have any other ideas as I am always on the lookout!

Happy Christmas!


  1. in chinese culture, clock is a no no. Because it sounds like "the end" as in death. so we can never give clocks ever!

  2. The Harry Potter one but..... oh ehm gee! That sounds amazing. I would honestly love that! Snap fish are great, love the deals they do! And their photos books are fantastic. Love your selection here hun :)

    Jordanne ||


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