Beauty : Lush Boxing Day Sales!

Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I probably spend the majority of my evenings relaxed in a bath, with a Lush bath bomb fizzing away around me! Nothing beats a warm bath with Lush products after a busy day. One thing that Lush do well in my opinion are their Christmas products. Every year I get excited to see their latest wacky ideas and it's something I always look forward too. One thing about Lush that often puts me off going spend crazy on all of my favourites, is the price tag. (I mean £4.25 on a one use bath bomb, puh-lease!) 

Unless you have been living under a rock then you probably saw the whirlwind that was the Lush boxing day sale. Everyone and their mum seemed to be tweeting about it, myself included, so it was only fitting that I attempted to pick up some of my favourite Christmas products that I had been putting off getting at full price (I mean 50% off!). The sale went live on the Lush website at 10pm Christmas day. I went online at 10:05 and was put into a queue, a queue that I didn't actually manage to get to the front of! (I understand how good it must look for Lush to have a demand for their products, but c'mon! They should have expected the rush of customers who would be rushing to their website at once.) 

So after giving up, I decided to pop to a physical Lush store in my town. I expected it to be packed, so was happily surprised that I managed to get everything that I wanted without actually meeting another customer in store (talk about a comparison to online!). 

So onto my little haul...

Snow Fairy - Orig £3.95 - Paid £1.97
Father Christmas Bath Bomb - Orig £3.75 - Paid £1.87
Stardust Bath Bomb - Orig £2.95 - Paid £1.47
Northern Lights - Orig £3.95 - Paid £1.97
Butter bear - Orig £1.95 - Paid £0.97
Golden Wonder - Orig £4.25 - Paid £2.12

I'm so pleased that I managed to get into the store in the end. The whole website drama was winding me up, and I loved that I was able to shop with ease in my own time and at my own pace! The Lush sale is truly the only Boxing day sale that I get excited about shopping in! 

Did anyone else manage to get any of the Lush products in the sale?
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Lots of love,
Love Francesca
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  1. So so jealous of all the goodies you got! I gave up and went home 😔 Absolutely love your photography!! Have a lovely day!

  2. So many lovely goodies! Golden Wonder is my fave. I attempted the online sale, but I didn't manage to get anything.

    sammy xx

  3. Snow fairy is my absolute favourite!


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