Beauty : Real Techniques Brush Review

If your as makeup brush obsessed as me, then this blogpost is for you! 

For Christmas, I was very lucky to have been gifted this gorgeous Mega Set Real Techniques brush set (I mean seriously, just look at it and its gorgeous rainbow of colour!). I have been a big fan of Real Techniques brushes for the past couple of years. I already owned the 'Expert Face Brush', 'Eyebrow Brush and Comb' and 'Base Shadow Brush' before being given this set so I knew what to expect from this set. In my honest opinion, Real Techniques is probably one of, if not the, best high street makeup brush line out there. Not only are they constantly upping their game with new sets, but they are also really affordable and easy to get your hands on. I also love the whole colour coordination thing they have going on although I don't always stick to what the proper uses are! 

In total there are 12 brushes in this set. The brushes are split into 3 different categories and then colour coordinated to help you with a smoother application. There are 3 orange base brushes, 5 purple eye brushes and 4 finishing brushes. (Again, I love this whole colour theme going on. It makes it so much easier to grab out of the pot when your trying to apply your makeup in a hurry!). 

The purple 'Eye' set is probably my favourite out of all of the brushes. This set includes...

Base Shadow Brush - Finely tapered bristles for build able, all-over lid application for a soft shadow. (Left brush in image above)

Angled Shadow Brush (Season Exclusive) - Perfectly cut for layering eye shadow in the crease to make your eyes pop. (Second from left brush in image above)

Deluxe Crease Brush - Soft, oversized design for effortless blending in crease and around eyes for contouring your socket. (Middle brush in image above)

Eyeliner Brush (Season Exclusive) - Firm, angled head for optimal control along lash line for the perfect winged liner look. (Right brush in image above)

Fine Liner Brush - The ultimate tool for precision apportion of liquid or cream eyeliner. (Second in from right in image above)

The orange 'Base' brushes consists of...

Miracle Complex Sponge - Shaped to create the perfect base and also builds up coverage where needed. Use damp for a dewy glow or dry for a full coverage. (Centre in image above)

Duo-fiber Face Brush - Lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments to create a soft focus look. (Left of image above)

Contour Brush - Delicately applies contour product to the hollows of your cheekbones for a soft-focus contour. (Right of image above)

The pink 'Finish' brushes consists of...

Stippling Brush - Light application using a dabbing motion for a build able, airbrushed finish. (Top right in image below)

Cheek Brush (Season Exclusive) Evenly applies cream or gel blush across cheekbones for a more dramatic finish. (Middle of pink brushes in image below)

Setting Brush - Finely tapered bristles for a perfectly controlled dusting of highlighter or setting powder in smaller areas of the face. (Top left brush in image below)

Miracle sculpting sponge - Expertly cut for controlled application and designed to help create shadows or highlight your favourite facial features. Use damp for a dewy glory or dry for a full coverage. (Middle pink sponge in image below)

I am so impressed and amazed with the quality of these brushes. I have been trying them out since Christmas day and honestly have no faults with them. I have well and truly been convicted to these brushes and I just know that I am going to have to get more when they come out to stick in with the little theme I now have going on! 

Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? Are there any that aren't listed here that you think I should try next? Let me know! 

Have a lovely rest of your day! 
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  2. The mega set looks amazing, I love Real Techniques brushes!!

    1. This set is incredible! I love the brushes too, so the fact that I can now use them for my full face is amazing! haha!

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