Travel : Anaheim

I can't believe that this is the second to last blogpost all about my American road trip! It truly does seem like yesterday that we went, so I have loved recapping on everything that we did! 

The final stop on the Californian road trip was Anaheim, which meant only two things. Shopping and Disneyland! As excited as I was for the whole holiday, the promise of Disneyland at the end of the trip was something that filled me with a lot of happiness!

For the last 3 nights we were staying in one of the Disney partnering hotels, the Anaheim Majestic Gardens hotel. It hurts me to have to say this, as I was SO excited to be staying in one of the Disney hotels, but I felt really let down by the whole experience. If I'm being honest, this hotel was probably the one I was most looking forward to, which is why it sucks that it was the most disappointing! (Especially seeing as it was the most expensive one that we stayed in!) When looking at the hotel online, there are lots of photographs of rooms and beautiful views of the hotel which didn't actually exist. The room we were staying in was badly lit, had a leaking tap, broken AC and was extremely damp. It seemed to me, that there was the 'hotel' and the 'added on hotel'. Not really what we were expecting from the Disney experience. I admit, I have been very spoilt with other amazing Disney hotel experiences in Disneyland Paris. But I just didn't really feel the Disney magic until getting to the park. (But onto that in the final post!) Anyway, besides the grotty hotel room, the general stay in was pleasant, and the medieval theme was really cute! We were able to see the fireworks from the Disney park on the first night around the pool which was a lovely extra. The breakfast was also amazing! I mean who doesn't want the choice of both waffles and bacon and eggs cm from each other. 

What to do?
To be honest, other than the obvious, Disneyland, there isn't that much else to do than there was in Hollywood. Which was quite nice, as it meant we were able to have a little bit of down time before going home. We did visit the Orange shopping centre which had all of the classic American shops that I really wanted to visit before coming home which was nice. We also had our final sit down meal in these shops and ate at a place called Saddle Ranch, which had the biggest menu known to man! As we were eating out for my dads birthday, they also gifted us a 3m candy floss dessert which was incredible!  

I hope you enjoyed this instalment of my American road trip! The final one is going to be very bittersweet, although I am VERY excited to share all of my gorgeous Disneyland photographs! 

Until next time, 

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  1. Sorry to hear about the poor hotel experience - I hate it when you're so excited to visit a hotel and it doesn't live up to expectations. We booked a hotel that had great reviews for our last holiday and it was vile. Thank goodness we were only there for one night because otherwise I may have cried! x

    1. Thanks for commenting lovely! Yeah it was just a little frustrating more than anything as it was supposed to be the nicest hotel we stayed in, which ironically turned into the worst! But apart from the hotel, everything else was incredible! x


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