Beauty : 5 Brushes under £10

5 Brushes you need in your life under £10

I have been thinking about writing a post like this for ages, but wanted to make sure that I had tried and tested out all of the brushes before sharing my honest opinion! Make-up brushes can seriously change the outcome of your look. Brushes can be so expensive, although they don't need to be to get a well finished result, trust me I know! As much as I swoon over the MAC brushes, they're just not in my student friendly price range. So I thought I would share my favourite brushes that you need in your life which are under £10. 

1. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush £6.65 on
This was the first makeup brush that I ever used, and is one I have been loving ever since. (It was also the brush that set off my Real Techniques obsession) The brush is perfect for blending liquid or cream products to the face leaving the skin with a natural looking base. I love the shape of this brush too as it makes it easier to hold and feels comfortable when applying. 

2. Kiko Face 106 Brush £10.40
Now I probably don't use this brush for its intended use, but its perfect for applying powder to the skin. The brush has two layers to the brush which leaves for a natural, light and defined finish. I have tried to use this with a liquid foundation, but it doesn't seem to work for me as well as it should have. I love how easily brushes can be used for different things, much like this brush! 

3. Spectrum 'So Lit' Brush £9.99
The hype over Spectrum brushes has been building over the past couple of years and I for one can say its well deserved. Not only do they look gorgeous on a dressing table, but they work just as nice! My brothers girlfriend Emma is a big fan of these brushes and has the whole pink and purple set, so I knew I had to try them out. This brush is used to apply powder products, however it works lovely when applying highlighter as it picks up the right amount of powder.

4. Real Techniques Shading Brush £5.55 on
I could go on about my craze for Real Technique brushes forever, but they are seriously amazing and so affordable! One of my favourite eye brushes is the standard Shading brush. This works perfectly when applying the shadow all over the eye, as well as fitting perfectly in the crease of the eye. It blends everything out nicely and works easily to finish a gorgeous little eye look.  

5. P.s.. Primark Double Ended Eye Brush £3
I mean, Primark are one of the best affordable retailers in  my opinion. Recently they have really upped their beauty game by creating brushes and makeup that can compete with big named products. (I mean their matte lipsticks are a serious contender!) I was looking for a eyebrow spooly and this was the only brush I could find. It comes with the spooly on one end and then an angled brush on the other side. I use this brush everyday to do my brows now and wouldn't be able to finish my look without it. If you try any of the brushes mentioned in this list, then make sure it's this one! 

What do you think of my top picks? There are so many brushes out there to choose from that it's sometimes hard to find ones perfect for use, but I think I have found mine. Let me know if you think I have missed anything out of this list! 

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  1. The Expert Face Brush is one of my favorites too, and I also love the RT Buffing Brush. ELF has some pretty great brushes at such an affordable price too. Awesome picks!

    The Crimson Cardigan

  2. I absolutely adore spectrum brushes, the things I'd do for the glam clam hahahb great picks beaut, I really enjoyed this post!
    Clo x


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