Lush Lakeside Mother's Day Blogger Event 2017

Last weekend I was invited to attend the Lush store in Lakeside to view the new 2017 mother's day collection. Seeing as this was my first ever Lush event, I didn't really know what to expect! But the whole morning was spent with other lovely Essex bloggers learning about all the new exclusive mother's day products, as well as seeing a few of them in action. There is so much to offer from this range, from lip scrubs and shower gels to bath bombs and bubble bars, there really is something for everyone! 

The whole event was hosted by Jess and Marco, who showed us around the store explaining what each of the products do and how to use them. For me, Jess and Marco made the whole event fun and enjoyable, and their knowledge of the Lush products is incredible (I know that I for one wouldn't be able to remember every single detail that they did).

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream - £4.95 (100g bottle)
The first product that we were shown was the Yummy Mummy Shower Cream. This product has been around in Lush before, so it's great to see it back! I love everything about this shower gel. The scent, colour and way it leaves your skin feeling is amazing! This year Lush have made this product self preserving, so it's even more moisturising than before. We were given a little demonstration of this product, and I can certainly tell you that it left my skin feeling very soft! Plus I loved that it turned the water purple afterwards! 

Pink Custard Shower Jelly - £4.25 (100g)
Out of all the products that we were shown, this one might just be my favourite. I had personally never tried a shower jelly before so didn't know what to expect from this product, but I was pleasantly surprised! This product can be used in both the shower and the bath, and it smells as nice as it sounds! For a 100g pot this is £4.25.

Scrubee Body Butter - £6.95
The next product that we were shown was the Scrubee Body Butter. I was given a little arm massage using this and loved how it made my skin feel afterwards. The bee has hydrating honey and cocoa butter within its contents, and is packed with coconut shells and ground almonds to make him an excellent exfoliation product. Can we just talk about how cute he is? Seriously, so adorable! At £6.95 this product is on the expensive side, but it's certainly worth it. Plus the sweet scent is a bonus!

Next we were shown all of the bath products (OK, so these might be my favourite products too!). For anyone who knows me, Lush bath products are one thing that I always make sure I am stocked up on. I currently have two boxes under my bed full of bath bombs and bubble bars, but you can never have enough right? I love when Lush create exclusive products, themed for a certain occasion. Although I have tried a lot of Lush collections, the mother's day range was always one that I missed. So was excited to see them in action.

 Baabar - £3.95
Bubble bar's are one of the best Lush creations (in my opinion). For me, they are always worth their while and I often get 5-7 baths out of one product if used sparingly. The bubble bar designs are often creative and cute, this bar being one of them too. The Baa Bar is full of comforting lavender and rose scents, with the idea of tucking you up in bed and 'counting sheep'. The soya milk ingredient helps to soften the skin, and the hints of lavender and violet help to relax. The perfect product for anyone, not only mums, who are dreaming of a good nights sleep! 

MUM Bath Bomb - £2.95
Out of the whole collection, this bath bomb looks the most simple. Although it's certainly got more bite than it looks! This product has a gorgeous sherbet lemon scent which smells really fresh and uplifting. (plus it has a secret, hidden message inside which makes it the perfect gift!) The MUM bath bomb comes in two different colours. There is a pink 'MUM' and a yellow 'MUM'. Don't be fooled though, they are the same product and leave the bath with the same bright pink colour. This bath bomb is the cheapest in the collection and at £2.95 is the perfect little extra for any mother's day present.

Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar - £5.95
This bubble bar is one of the biggest products from the mother's day collection. The bright colours are uplifting and the smell is really refreshing. In fact, we were told that it shares a similar scent to Frozen which is one of my Lush favs! You are able to get so many different baths out of this product. You could split into 4 or if you wanted an intense pampering night then use it all at once, although I love how the colours all look together when mashed up. We were shown this product in use, and it left the water a lime green colour. 

Elsie The Giraffe (You're Havin' A Bath) - £6.95
Out of every product in this collection, this one is certainly the most gimmicky. I do love  gimmick though! This product has a gorgeous lemony scent which when swirled around your bath leaves it a gorgeous yellow colour. When used this product releases lemon and lime oils that soften your skin. My only worry about this product, is that I wished there was more of it to use! 

UPS-A-DAISY - £3.50
You just can't help but smile at this bath bomb. When placed into the water essential oils of rosewood, rose and orange are released which leaves a gorgeous scent. The only downside to seeing this product in store is that we weren't able to experience the full wonder of patterns and colour it creates when being used. Out of all the products, this one probably 'shows off' the most. It will definitely be one I am going back for. 

Sunrise Soap - £4.25
We were then shown the one soap that has been released as part of the collection. Sunrise is a gorgeous orange scent, which feels fresh and zesty. Once lathered up, this soap creates orange bubbles which gently softens the skin. 

Mouthwash Tabs - £5.95
I am completely new to the whole toothpaste game at Lush. I have personally never been brave enough to try anything other than my trusty Colgate! But I was excited to hear about these Mouthwash tabs. There are three different versions of this product having different scents and tastes. We were given Creme de Menthe to try out at home. (I made my dad act as the human guinea pig and he said that it left his mouth feeling refreshed and clean. So that's a good sign!).

 Overall, I had such a lovely morning spent looking at all of these products in Lush. It was nice to meet and talk to other Essex bloggers as well, who share the same passion of Lush as I do! After the event had finished, I did a little bit of shopping which I will be sharing in another blogpost next week.

Thanks so much to everyone at Lush Lakeside for hosting an amazing bloggers event. I really enjoyed experiencing all of the new products, and now have another Lush list as long as my arm! 

Until next time, 

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  1. I love the look of the Pink Custard shower jelly! and Barbar looks so cute x

  2. Aw this is such a cute collection they've made!! Must try some out as I would buy some for my mum but she has extremely sensitive skin and can't use their products :(

    Isobel x

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