Things I want... but don't really need!

Now that it's February I can officially say... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! 

Seeing as it's my birthday month, 24th February if we're being precise, I have been asked the age old question time and time again from different family members, 'What do you want for your Birthday?'. This has got me thinking, what do I want for my birthday? To be honest, there isn't really anything that I can say I particularly need. I am so lucky to be in the position of living at home whilst studying, so I have everything that I could ask for. Although I would be lying if I said there aren't a few things that I have had my eye on that I wouldn't necessary buy for myself. 

Hope you enjoy this little list, and if any of my family members are reading...


Gorilla Pod
Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Bronze Palette
Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
Pixiwoo Hollywood icons DVD 

Olympus 45mm Lens
Lush bath products
Starbucks XOXO Acrylic Tumbler
Pandora Vintage Night Sky Charm

Disney Animators collection Rapunzel Cushion
Dumbo Big Face Cushion
Lip Whip Beauty Bakerie
Zara Quilted Crossbody Scarf bag

So yeah, there are a just a few bits that I have been eyeing up recently. Mainly as a little wish list that I would never go out and buy for myself and that I really don't need! Let me know if you have tried/got any of the products I have mentioned above, and if I really do need them in my life! 

Until next time, 

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  1. These are all such good ideas and it's my birthday in March. I really REALLY want one of the Too Faced palettes though! xo

  2. God that bag is gorgeous �� I think my life is a cycle of things I want but don't need ��

  3. Thats a good birthday lists! I have things I don't really need but they are sooo nice


  4. I think I really want the peach pallete too and I'm loving the lush Valentine's products! This kiss is amazing and cupids bathbomb is amazing too x

  5. I feel like I need that Dumbo face cushion in my life and any other Disney character face as a cushion would bring me so much joy. Birthdays are great days and I wish you get all you wish for and hope you have an awesome day :)

  6. Ahhhh I love that Dumbo cushion.. me want! Plus you can never have enough lush bath stuff x

  7. Anything from Lush is a winner! Can never have too many bath bombs. Also that Dumbo cushion is so cute! I hope you have an amazing birthday!

    Tiffany x

  8. I always hate this question because I never know what I actually want! It's going to be very easy for people to shop for youu, you've got some lovely items here!

    Gemma |


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