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I can't quite believe that we are nearing the end of April. These past few months have been so busy with university work that they seem to be flying by! Talking of university, it's crazy to think that in the matter of a week I will finally be finished with education forever! Education and I haven't really been the best of friends, although I'm sure that's a story I should save for another time.

This month I have been using a variety of different products from old favourites to new loves! With the recent change of weather, we all know how long that isn't going to last!, my makeup has also changed and I have been favouring the more orange toned eyeshadows. I have also changed how I have been applying my makeup, making it feel lighter and less heavy on the skin. Anyway, here are a few of the products I have been reaching for a lot this month! 

Primark Lip Kits
If you didn't see THIS blogpost, then you may not know about these lipsticks. Primark have really started to make their own little mark in the beauty world recently and a lot of their products are quickly becoming blogger favourites! I have tried two of the four colours, but this shade (Cookie Dough) has been my go to this month and I have been reaching for it more than my MAC and Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks! The formula is perfect and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry or patchy. I love that I can apply this in the morning before uni and know that it will still be there when I get home, it's honestly that good! 

Too Faced Peach Palette
It's probably no surprise that this palette is making an appearance in this favourites post! Out of all the eyeshadow palettes that I own, this peach palette is the one that I have been using the most. I have been loving using this to create a gorgeous peach eye for both daytime and evening looks. Every shade within the palette is really pigmented and are really easy to blend onto the eyes. Oh and the peach smell is a bonus too! 

Victoria Secret PINK Body Lotion
Ok, so I have been OBSESSING over this body lotion this past month. I was kindly given this as a gift from my mum and dad for my birthday and have loved it ever since. I have been applying this after my bath/shower and feel like it leaves my skin feeling moisturised for a really long time. It also has a vanilla scent which smells really comforting. You can also get a body spray version of this product which I also have and love to use them together! Plus, how cute does the matte pink packaging look. 

Boots Witch Hazel Stick
So this product is one that I have heard a lot about, tried in the past, but always forgot to repurchase! The idea behind it is you apply the clear cream on spots or blemishes during the day, and then apply the other cream on the blemish area's during the nighttime. Being a big night time sudocreme fan, I can't really comment much on the night side of the product, but the daytime one tingles a little when you apply which makes me feel like it's doing something! I have noticed a visible difference from the start of the day to the end when I have used this product, so I will continue to use it and let you know how I get on!

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray
This product has made its return in my life thanks to the summer weather! I used this spray throughout the summer last year and loved how it made my skin feel. To use the product you do your face makeup as usual and then when finished mist the product in an S motion to set it. I love this product and it really does the job, although I don't tend to use it if I am using my powder foundation for obvious reasons!

Real Technique Stippling Brush and Setting Brush
I mean this wouldn't really be a favourites post without including a Real Techniques brush right!? After receiving the huge gift set of brushes at Christmas, I have been trying them all out deciding what products I prefer to use them with. To apply my foundation I have been using the Stippling brush in circular motions. I found that this was the best way to get an even coverage and it blends the product nicely into the skin without picking up to much on the brush. I have also been using the small Setting brush to wipe off the powder in the under eye area when setting my skin. Plus, these brushes are so SO soft - double bonus!

Collection Sheer Loose Powder
I know I am well behind the times with this favourite, but this month I finally decided to try out  the baking trend! I have seen lots of different bloggers writing about how amazing this collection powder was so thought I would get it and give it a go. I am so impressed with the result it gives to the skin, and can't believe that I haven't tried it before! This powder can also be used as a base product, so it's not fully translucent. I haven't used it as a base yet though, so can't give my opinions on this but stay tuned! 

Those are just a few of my favourite things from April! My list could be SO much longer, but I decided to keep it short and edited! Let me know if you love any of these products too! 

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  1. I love the collection powder and the real techniques stippling brush!! Great read 😊 xx

  2. That Sweet peach palette is so pretty ! Seems like everybody love that palette! :)


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