Beauty : Primark Lip Kits!

I haven't been this excited to share a makeup product find since I purchased my Tarte palette last year! If your on the hunt for the perfect matte liquid lipstick then this post might just be for you...

As soon as I saw these little beauties on the Primark snapchat I knew I had to head straight to my local store in the hunt of them. My local Primark has recently changed its beauty section and has a lot more to offer than it has ever before, so I was really happy to see the Lip Kits there for sale. As far as I could see, Primark currently only have four Lip Kits on offer, 2 Matte's and 2 metal's. Although I reckon they will be extending this range with different colours soon, at least I hope they do! Since trying my first ever Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit my obsession with matte lipsticks has been unreal, and I prefer to wear them than a glossier finish on an everyday basis. Incase you hadn't read my previous Kylie Cosmetics post (check that out here!), the cost of purchasing the products from the UK can end up being really expensive, so finding this in Primark for £3 is amazing. With it being £3 I kind of imagined that it wouldn't be as amazing as I would have hoped it to be, but I have been pleasantly surprised. 

Now I know what we're all thinking, are they any good to be a dupe of Kylie Cosmetic lip kits? In my honest opinion, yes! I've been wearing the shade 'Cookie Dough' for the past two weeks and have been preferring it over the shade 'Candy K' from Kylie's range. Likewise to Kylie's Lip Kits, Primark's products come in a cute little white box with the shade name on the top in a corresponding colour to the product. There is also a image of lips wearing the lipstick shade on the front as well. Inside, the products are secure in plastic packaging which helps everything look really presentable. 

The two shades I went for were 'Cookie Dough' and 'Molten Lava'. 'Cookie Dough' is a really pretty everyday nude colour in a matte finish. The finish is really comfortable when being worn and the liner applies smooth without needing much effort in application. The pencil and lipstick are perfectly matched which is always a good thing. The only thing I was worried about with the product being so cheap is how long it would last. Not wanting to be too controversial, but I find that it lasted a lot longer than 'Candy K' which came at a big surprise to me! 

I also wanted to get a Metallic Lip Kit as that is the only thing from Kylie's lip range that I am yet to try. Out of two colours, I chose 'Molten Lava' which is more of a nude/pink metallic shade. I have worn this both on its own and on top of other lipsticks to try it out! Personally I don't think I would be brave enough to wear this on its own to somewhere other than a festival. But on holiday I think it would look really pretty smudged out on the lips. Another place it looks pretty is dabbed onto the centre of the lips as it adds a little bit of highlight and definition. 

So my final thoughts are that these Lip Kits are a must have for your make up collection! I am really hoping that Primark decide to add more shades to the range, as I imagine they will also be a best seller! 

Have you tried any of the Primark beauty products? What do you think of these Lip Kits, will you be trying them? Let me know! 

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  1. Had no idea these were even in store, they sound fab! x

  2. I can't wait to find these in store Francesca they look fantastic xoxo

  3. I have yet to try these, but they sounds like such a steal compared to the Kylie Lip Kits! The matte shade is beautiful. I love that they come with a matching lip liner as well!



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