Fashion : Summer Primark Haul

Shopping in Primark is probably one of my favourite things to do. Although it is a dangerous place too as I always go in for one or two things and leave with much more than that! I especially love shopping in Primark during the Summer season and love finding simple pieces that would work well when abroad. As a soon to be university graduate with little money, and no current income, I like to buy bits for my summer holiday at the start of the year so I have some nice new bits to take away with me. Like everything with social media, I was suckered in to browsing for some costumes which obviously led to me buying the whole store!

So I may have gone a little OTT in the shoe department...but everyone needs a new pair of shoes right? I have seen so many people rocking the Primark sliders so thought I would jump on the trend and get myself my own pair. I knew that I wanted to try the furry sliders, but loved the gorgeous embellishment on the pale pink pair so wanted to get them too! Both of the sliders were £6.00. Then as I was leaving the shoe section I saw a huge stand of the pumps pictured above in different colour ways and styles. I really love the espadrille trend and wore a pair of Zara ones almost everyday of my summer holiday last year so knew that I would get good use out of these too. Plus at £6.00 it doesn't matter if I leave them on holiday! 

One of my favourite thing about Primark at the moment is all of the gorgeous prints and swim wear that they have in. They really have stepped up their game this year which is great when they are at such an affordable price. This leaf, palm print is so pretty and feminine that I think I bought the pattern on everything it was on in store. 

First of all I spotted this bikini from the window and knew it was something I needed to get. The great thing is the different styles that are available in the same print. For example, this bikini came with shorts, tankini, triangle top and a swimsuit. Personally I really love the flattering style of the ruffled top and normal bottoms, plus I think the pink and green combination is my favourite thing ever! (Top £5.00, Bottoms £6.00.)

Obviously I couldn't buy swimwear without buying the matching towel right? There's not really anything special about the towel, in fact it's quite thin, but what else can you expect from a £4.50 towel? This towel is the perfect size though for laying on top of on the beach, but also light enough to have folded at the bottom of your beach bag just in case you come across the beach!

Going along with the palm print theme, I also spotted this gorgeous play suit. I think this is actually meant to be a swimsuit cover up, but I would totally wear it during the day or for the evening. I love the cinched in waist and ruffled hem as it makes it look really flattering when worn. The play suit cost £8.00, although I would have paid more as the quality on it is really good. 

Moving on from the leaf theme (finally), I also couldn't help but buy myself another towel. This time I went with a design featuring my favourite Disney movie ever, The Little Mermaid! Again, this towel is quite thin but I love it nevertheless! (The towel cost £5.50). I also decided to get this zip of Bikini Bag for £1.50. I have been on the lookout for something like this for a while and think I am going to go back and get one for each of my bikinis. The only downside to this one in particular is the size as it can only fit one set in it. This also came in a variety of different styles too, so you can mix and match which ones you like. 

Finally, I was so excited to find these little gems! (Sadly, I think they are all sold out now!) Emma, my brother's girlfriend, and I have been looking at different floats since we booked our holiday last year so was so excited when she told me she had found them in the store as they were so hard to find. Emma got us the Flamingo and Unicorn float for £10.00 each. The watermelon is slightly cheaper at £5.00, although just as fabulous! I really can't wait to use them, although I'm hoping I'm not the one that has to do the mammoth task of blowing them up! 

Hope you enjoyed this haul! Let me know if you've been shopping in Primark recently. What bits have you found?

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  1. Slightly in love with all of these shoes, need to get myself to Primark!! xx

  2. You got some lovely bits! I really need to go down to Primark! The pink and green go really nicely together xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. I'm currently looking for holidays bits and after seeing everything you picked up, I definitely need to go to Primark!! Seriously love the palm print items! X

  4. All those summer clothes are amazing.need to go to primark.!!

  5. One of the best Primark hauls I've seen! Going to check out Primark 😊

  6. Omg I'm LOVING the bikini! So cute ♥︎ And looks like Primark has so much nice stuff right now xx

  7. Oh god, I love EVERYTHING! The shoes, the inflatables and that pink and green bikini is to die for! I can't decide whether I need to get to Primark ASAP or avoid it for a while!
    Great post! x

  8. I live in Canada and those fluffy pink sliders were in Forever21 but none left in my size, truly a tragedy :(

  9. I have been eyeing up the primark sliders recently but I have no idea if I would actually suit them I wouldn't know what to wear with them either, advice would be great. I also agree that when you go into primark you can't just go in there for one item, I always come out with way more! I love the leaf print too, it's so tropical and fun!
    Can't wait to read your next post!

    Tab x

  10. You can never have too many shoes! And that jungle print is what I want my life to be covered in this summer, excuse me whilst I get myself to Primark!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  11. This post makes me want to go on holiday!!


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