Beauty : Pinky Goat Lashes Review!*

It's not everyday you receive post that makes you 'eep' with delight as soon as you open it. This is the reaction I had when I received these gorgeous lashes the other day. 

I will admit, before being sent these lashes I hadn't really heard of Pinky Goat before but boy I wish I had! Launching exclusively to Superdrug, the lashes come in 5 styles which are set to turn heads. The lashes I was sent to try were 'ARWA' and 'DANIA'

We have to talk about the packaging! I can't get over how pretty it is, and I especially love the repeat goat print which is a big feature on the box. These lashes are definitely going to stand out amongst others on the Superdrug shelf. In addition to the lashes, I was also sent a tube of black eyelash glue which is needed as the lashes don't come with any. To begin with this glue was a little bit awkward to use as you have to be very precise and careful when applying, but after a couple of practices it soon became very easy! 

The first lashes I was sent were named 'ARWA'. These lashes claim to offer a extra flair to your eye look. Their unique range of double layered cross hair lashes are designed to add volume to your lashes and the thick black band intensifies a look. The lashes are made out of silk fibres as well which not only gives a high quality finish, but also makes them feel very soft and light when being worn. My first impression of these lashes were how extreme they appear, but seeing as the claims are for intense looks they certainly look the part. Before trying them out I also thought that they would be heavy on the eyes but they are surprisingly light. Overall, these lashes are perfect for a night out and make any eye makeup look dramatic and intense. These lashes are priced at £9.99 and are a best seller. 

The second set of lashes I was sent are named 'DANIA'. These lashes are less dramatic than the first pair, but are absolutely gorgeous when worn nonetheless. They are perfect for a natural look and are equally as easy to apply to the eyes. The lashes claim to offer a natural eye enhancement as well as being lightweight, soft and comfortable. All of these claims are true! I wore these lashes throughout the day and I forgot that I had them on. One of my main issues with these lashes are the size of band, although this can be easily fixed by measuring them against your lash line and cutting them to fit. These lashes also retail at £9.99. I also love how easy these lashes are to clean. I have worn them a couple of times already, and after washing them found that they felt just as new. 

Overall I am so impressed with the feel and fit of both of these lashes, although I do think that the second more natural pair are my favourite. I will definitely be purchasing more of them when I spot them in Superdrug in the future.  

What do you think of these Pinky Goat lashes? Have you tried them before?

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*Items mentioned in this post were sent to me for consideration of a review. As always my photographs, opinions and wording are 100% mine and are honest. 

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  1. You are so right the packaging is so pretty and goats are my fave animals! I think Arwa are my fave lashes out of the two.. they look really great on! It's great to know these lashes are easy to clean.. i'll defo keep my eye out for them in Superdrug



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