Beauty : What's in my holiday makeup bag 2017!

Whenever I'm packing for a trip away I always tell myself that 'this will be the year that I'll pack light'. Of course, me being me, this never happens and I usually pack even more than I did the year before! I am so excited to be going away again in the next couple of weeks to the sunny hot climate of Cyprus. This means that I will soon be packing up all of my favourite 'essentials' to use whilst I am away. My makeup bag is always the first thing that I tend to pack when organising myself for a trip. I hate the idea of being away and not having something that I know I have sat in my drawer at home. Although, I still haven't mastered the fact that I don't need everything and take far too much away with me anyway, but you never know right!?

I try to include a variety of products that I know will last me the whole two weeks, as well as bits that I know are perfect at multi tasking! Before I start with the makeup, I wanted to mention the cute little disney cosmetics bag I use to store all of my stuff. I got this in Primark last year and love that it is big enough to fit in everything, including my bigger eyeshadow palettes. Primark have some really pretty make up bags and are always the first place I hit when buying my holiday essentials. 
Packing my 'face' products is always the bit that I find the most difficult. When I am away on holiday, it is very rare that I will actually use any foundation. But, I always bring one with me that I know works with my skin and will be perfect if I need it. This year I decided on Mac studio fix fluid foundation and Rimmel Wake me up foundation. Both of these are big favourites of mine and they work well with sun kissed skin, which lets face it isn't a problem for me! I also like to include a primer, and have to bring my current This Works one as I know it truly does work! For concealer, I have decided to bring my Technic palette as well as my Maybelline erase eye. The Technic palette is perfect for any blemishes I may have over the holiday, including bug bites! To set my makeup I have to bring my Collection loose powder and Rimmel Stay Matte. I am also bringing my NYX matte setting spray as this works wonders in the heat! Finally I wanted to include my Mac limited edition 'Launch Away' blush, Sleek face form palette (highlighter shade) and Benefit Hoola bronzer. All of these are products I use everyday in my normal makeup routine so knew they would be coming away with me for the trip! 
I am so proud of myself for packing light with eye products this year. I have finally narrowed my eyeshadow palette top picks into two and I am pleased with my choices. I couldn't go on holiday without bringing the summery 'Too Faced Peach palette' which is full of gorgeous peachy and bronzed tones which are perfect for Cyprus. I also didn't want to leave out my favourite 'Tarte tease palette' which is probably my go to. I wanted to include a eyeshadow primer as well and decided that the 'Urban Decay potion primer' works the best for making sure that an eye look lasts. As a little extra, I decided to bring my 'Shadow Switch' which is my best friend when it comes to creating a fast eye look with a variety of colours. Also, being on holiday means that I won't have all of my normal makeup brush cleaning products and know this will be really useful. For mascara I have brought my two classics. 'Benefit They're Real' and 'Soap and Glory Thick and Fast'. Both of these mascara's give full lashes without giving a clumpy look. Moving onto brows! I knew that I wouldn't want to be without both of these products, so they were a no brainer! 'Benefit Goof Proof' brow pencil has been my eye brow product of choice since its release date. I love how subtle or heavy you can make your brows when using this! To set the brows I am taking 'Browcote' which applies by using a mascara style wand, it helps to keep any loose eyebrow hairs in place too. 
As you can see in the image above, it looks like I am taking only 5 lipstick options with me. I have since taking these blog photos changed my mind. I will still be bringing the 5 shown above, but I am also bringing some more coral/orange toned lipsticks too which I forgot to include. In my defence, lipstick is probably my most worn product when on holiday. If I don't fancy wearing makeup in the evenings, it's very easy to throw on a lipstick to make you feel dressed.  

So there we have it! Those are all of the makeup products that I will be taking away with me on my trip next week. I am sure I have forgotten something, and I know I will probably be throwing a few products into the case loosely as I panic pack the night before going! 

Let me know what you pack in your makeup bag! I can't be the only one packing for the 'maybes' right!? 

Until next time, 


  1. I always pack my makeup bag last, so as I go along I can pack the products and then go through my draw to find other things! Such a gorgeous choice of lipsticks too, coral/ oranges are really nice when on holiday!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. wow your pictures are incredible! Amazing post!
    Have a lovely day
    -Cait xx

  3. I love your makeup bag and I love so many of these products too!

    Emily xo


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