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I don't want to make any big claims, but this months Glossybox may just be the best box I have ever received and it was free! Well, when I say free I mean I claimed all of the points from reviewing the products on the website each month. The theme of August's box was all things sun, and included products that cooled you down (hair mask) and heated things up (a totally gorg bronzer!). The box design this month was another one of the collector editions which always make things a little bit more exciting. Usually you would see me saying at this part how much I love the classic pink box, however in this case I LOVE it. So lets take a look inside...

Essence Live. Laugh. Love. palette and shadows - RRP £1.50 per palette and £1.50 per shadow
The first thing I spotted when I opened this month's box was the fun packaging on these products. The concept of creating your own palette and putting it together is nothing new, however the way these are presented makes it all so exciting. I love the shades that were included in my box as well, although I'm not sure if everybody gets the same colours. As well as the fun palette, I received the eyeshadow shades 'It's my birthday' and 'T.G.I.F', the highlighter shade 'My special highlight' and the blush shade 'Rhythm of the night'. The shadows simply pop into the palette and you're good to go. Also, can we talk about how cheap they are to buy? I am seriously hoping they are amazing to use and we may have a contender for my MAC dream palette! 

Model Launcher Safari Sun Bronzer - RRP £16.50
The next product in the box is this gorgeous bronzer compact by a brand called Model Launcher. Admittedly I hadn't heard of the brand before receiving this, however I am really interested in seeing whether all of their products have the same 'fun' look to them. Like normal bronzers, the idea is to swirl all of the colours together with a brush then to dust over the places where the sun would naturally hit your face. I am excited to give this a try too! 

Valquer ICE Hair Mask Total Repair - RRP £14.99
After being on holiday for two weeks, in and out of the pool, my hair needed a little bit of tlc. This product couldn't have come at a better time. The idea behind this product is to apply it to damp hair where it has a cooling effect that tames and hydrates your locks. You are supposed to leave it to absorb for 3-4 minutes before rinsing away. I have already given the product a try and am loving the results so far. I didn't notice as much of a cooling effect as the notes suggested, but I have noticed a visible difference with how it feels afterwards. I'm looking forward to seeing what the results will be after a longer period of time. 

Batiste Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner - RRP £4.49
Batiste Dry Shampoo has always been one of the biggest go-to hair products in my 'lazy day' hair routine. Over the last couple of months Glossybox has been making sure I am well stocked with some of the newer Batiste products, which I am more than happy to receive. 

Rodial Suede Lips 'Big Apple' - RRP £22
I am always happy to see a lip product, especially when it's in a shade that I would totally buy myself. This shade is something that I can see myself wearing every day and the fact that its in a suede finish makes it that much better. The notes say to line the lips with the point of the pencil, then to apply it fully all over. Alternatively you can apply as normal then tap out to smudge it a little for a softer finish. 

As a little extra, this months box also included this cute little Aloha hair tie. I love using these when braiding my hair, plus they look super cute too! 

Overall, I am so pleased with everything in this month's box. A couple of months ago I was thinking of cancelling Glossybox completely but am so glad that I didn't. All of the products I have received this month are items that I know I would genuinely look at and potentially would have bought. 

Are you subscribed to Glossybox? If you are what did you think of this month's box, did you receive any of the similar products to me? Let me know! 

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