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It feels like months since I last sat down and wrote a post, when in reality it has only been a couple of weeks! I have just got back from the most amazing two weeks in sunny Cyprus with my family. We had such an incredible time, and a lot of it was spent chilling or swimming- two of my favorite things to do! Stupidly I thought that whilst away I would have easy access to WIFI so didn’t schedule/write any posts to go live. The little blogging break has done me a world of good though, and I am excited to finally get back into it!

Today’s post is a little round up of all the products that I have been loving over the last two weeks when on holiday. I packed so many makeup products that I thought was something I would need, when in reality, thanks to the heat, I reached for the same ones every night!

Firstly I need to begin with my new favourite perfume/body spray. I got this a couple of months ago in a Glossybox and used it once or twice before setting it aside when reaching for my normal one. This L’eau De Rose smells exactly as you would imagine it to. Floral scents aren’t usually what I go for but this just smells fresh and light which is perfect for a summer holiday. A few little spritz of this before going out in the evening and you’re good to go. The next product is a lipstick that I have probably mentioned a hundred times already on this blog. I am of course talking of my classic ‘Super Cindy’ Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. This is my classic everyday go to shade. As you can tell, I need to get a new one as soon as possible! This lipstick applies beautifully to the lips giving a long lasting and comfortable finish. I threw this Miley Cyrus MAC lipglass into my makeup bag in a last minute panic when packing for my trip and thought I wouldn’t actually wear it as much as I have. When at home I steer well clear of lipgloss often preferring something with more of a matte finish. However, on holiday nothing beats a little bit of gloss on the lips to protect them from the sun. Plus with my go to ponytail holiday hair do I don’t have to worry about getting lipgloss in my hair!

When researching the climate for Cyprus I knew it was going to be warm, I didn’t however realize it would be as hot as it was. Most of the days were above 30, so you can be assured there was a lot of ‘shine’ going on! To combat this I turned to my Collection Loose Powder to mattify the skin a little in the evenings. I have been using this powder a lot recently and am so impressed with how good it is for the minimal price. I have also been applying it with my Real Techniques sponge which is equally as brilliant. My next favourite is kind of a sneaky one in the sense I actually purchased this whilst being here. Although we can now get NYX in the UK, I never seem to have visited a store/stand in person. Emma (my brothers girlfriend) and I went into the NYX store and we both agreed that this highlighter in shade Narcissistic is the most beautiful thing that we ever set our eyes on. I mean just look at it! I have been using this on the inner corners, as well as on the brow bone and cheeks.

For the eyes I found myself reaching for the Too Faced Peach Palette. This palette is perfect for creating a natural ‘no makeup makeup’ look and to me looks like the ultimate Summer palette. All of the shades are easy to blend which makes it so simple to create a look without having to put in a lot of effort. For the brows I kept to my usual routine and used my favourite Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil. Brows are the one part of my makeup routine which I never change up. For now, this product works perfectly for me! For mascara I have loved using Perversion from Urban Decay. This makes such a change from my usual favourite They’re real, but it made my lashes look just as amazing.

So there are all my favourite products from my recent trip away. Like always, I took so much more makeup with me than I needed. If I had only realised that the small number of products mentioned above would do me fine!

What do you take away with you on holiday? Do you have any stand out products?

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  1. Great choices of products! That CT lipstick looks like such a gorgeous colour and I can't believe how much you have used xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I ALWAYS take way too much with me!! I worry that I'll get bored or need to switch up lip colour to go with outfit choice. My entire hand luggage is usually just makeup. Then I get there and there's nowhere to even sit and do it and it's way to hot to slap it on like I do here. I'm really going to try and cut down on what I take in October xx

    Jay |


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