Lifestyle: Seamore Pasta Review*

I love pasta. There, I said it! So you can imagine my surprise when a little email landed in my inbox asking if I wanted to try Seamore Pasta. The product is exactly what it say's it is. It's a seaweed based pasta alternative that can be eaten on its own, or combined with ordinary pasta to create a delicious dish. Seafood is a big hit in my household, so I was really intrigued as to how it was going to taste. 

When I received the pasta I wasn't sure how to cook it or what to combine it with. After flipping through the handy booklet showing the various ways it can be used, one of the dishes combines it with chocolate!, I settled on purely cooking the seaweed pasta as it was. As soon as I opened the pack I was greeted with a very strong aroma of the seaweed. The seaweed is organic and unprocessed so if you don't like a strong scent of the beach then this is certainly not the food for you. Once you get over the smell, or hold your nose, you can cook the tagliatelle like you would normal pasta. 

After boiling the water, adding the seaweed and then draining, the seaweed pasta is ready to eat. I will admit, I wasn't brave enough to have the first bite of the pasta and left that job to my dad to do for me! It's fair to say that the pasta on it's own isn't for everyone. (Seamore themselves mention in the booklet to try it combined with other food to get rid of the strong seaweed taste). 

Overall I am really impressed with what the pasta tastes like and I love the whole concept of the product. I personally can't find myself reaching for this as an alternative to normal pasta, however I completely understand why people would as it makes dishes that little bit more interesting. The great thing about the portion size in the bag is that there is enough to save for other dishes. Hopefully next time I can cook it with some mince and make a proper meal of it! 

Let me know what you think about the idea of Seaweed pasta. Have you tried any of the other pasta alternatives? 

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*The products mentioned in this post were sent to me to try and review. As always all images are my own and my opinions are 100% honest.

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