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One of the things that first attracted me to start a blog was my passion for photography. I love being able to capture moments in time and then sharing them in a place that I can look back on in years to come. It's crazy to think that I have now been blogging for over four years. That's a very long time for something I initially thought was going to just be a 'Summer holiday diary'. Over this time I have learnt some tips and tricks that have helped me take some gorgeous photographs, if I do say so myself. Inspired by the last GRLPOWR chat I hosted, and looking back through all of the dreadful first blog photos, it's fair to say that I have improved over the years. Now I don't think I am a pro in anyway, shape or form, but I wanted to share them incase they could help you out too. 

Find the equipment that works for you
It's taken me a lot of time, and I mean a lot of time, to actually build up my photography equipment with the products that work the best for me. Since September 2015, I have been using the Olympus Pen EP-L7 'Blogger' camera and it has honestly changed my life. Previously I was using a Nikon DSLR that I found quite difficult to get to grips with, so investing in the Pen was a welcomed change. Along with the camera, I have also found the perfect lenses for my kit. Three of my favourites being the 45mm fixed lens, the 40-150mm lens and the standard 14-42mm that comes with the camera when purchased. All of these lenses are used regularly when I am taking photographs for my blog, and are well loved. In addition to the lenses I am also lucky enough to own my own lighting system that I use when shooting product images for my posts. The lights have seriously changed the way my photographs look when edited and posted. 

Image taken using the 45mm fixed lens

Image taken using the 45mm fixed lens

Image taken using the 14-45mm lens

Image taken using the 14-45mm lens

Image taken using the 40-150mm lens

Make use of the natural lighting
This tip seems a little bit hypocritical with what I was just saying about using studio lights, but it's true and worth mentioning. As much as I love the studio lighting and the results they give, nothing beats using natural lighting. With summer coming to an end and the light in the day becoming shorter, natural lighting is something that you will have to make use of as and when you can.

Take lots of photographs!
Now I know that this tip might sound a given, but it is one that has taken me a while to get to grips with. Quite often I will like what I see through the camera screen and move onto the next thing without second guessing. It's only when I transfer the images to my laptop that the quality/lighting/focus isn't as good as I would have liked it and I have to get everything out to start again. Taking lots of photographs of one 'position' is a good way to make sure things turn out better in post editing. On another note, I am one of those people who like to use images taken on my camera on my Instagram page. To mix it up a little I will specifically take photographs of products that I am writing about on my blog in a different position that will work better with Instagram to help promote my posts, although that is a completely other blogpost in itself!

Another tip that kind of goes along with 'taking lots' of photographs, is bulk taking images for future posts especially if I know that I have a lot going on or if the weather is going to be awful. Doing this allows you the flexibility of being able to schedule posts as well as making use of the time you have to get more done. Personally I always feel productive if I can shoot a couple of posts in the same day.

Don't be too hard on yourself!
So this is something that I try to tell myself in everyday situations, but it is completely applicable to photography too! Sometimes things just don't work out, and that's ok! There have been so many times I plan out images in my head that just don't translate as well when it comes to actually taking the photographs. But that's ok, as humans we have to learn to be able to grow. 

Overall, photography is completely about you. There is no right or wrong way, which is the beauty of it. I hope this post has helped you in some way. If there are any questions you might have about any of the equipment that I use then please let me know, I would love to help! 

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  1. These are such great tips. Photography is one of the main reasons I started blogging too.

  2. ‘Don’t be too hard on yourself’ and ‘Taking a lots of photos’
    These two points are surely the key fact of getting better on blog photos. I’ve been learning since I started blogging and it feels weird sometimes that I’m still learning. But I really enjoy this process of learning.
    Love the article dearie.

    XOXO... GreenStory


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