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It's always an exciting day when packages arrive randomly in the post. It's even more exciting when these packages turn out to be full of amazing new makeup! The 3INA (pronounced MEE-NAH) cream eyeshadow has become one of my go to products when creating a long wearing makeup look, so I was really excited to try out more eye products from their new range. 

The four products that I was sent to try are in the perfect autumnal shades which meant I have been able to have a proper try of them in the makeup transitional period! 

The Eyegloss shade 503 | £9.95
I have seen so many bloggers using eye glosses over the last couple of months and, if I'm being honest, I didn't really understand the whole attraction of it. To me the concept of having something glossy on the eye doesn't sound like a great idea. I have tried this product on a  couple of occasions now to really test how it works. I don't hate this product, but I don't really love it either. The shade itself is a gorgeous cranberry and the applicator makes it easy to apply to the lids. I just couldn't handle my hair getting stuck in my eyeshadow, and as someone who isn't a massive fan of lip gloss either I'm not sure this product is for me! 

The Duo Eyeshadow shade 602 | £10.95
This eyeshadow combines two beautifully paired shades in one little handy compact. The shades can be applied dry for a natural look, or applied wet to add a little bit of impact. Initially the cranberry shade scared me a little as it's often a colour I stay well clear of in my other palettes. This palette is really something a little bit different to other shades I have tried in the past, so it's a big thumbs up from me! 

The Eyebrow Kit shade 402 | £15.95
This kit is claimed to be your 'one stop go to' for defining and framing your brows. The handy little compact comes with a powder, wax, tweezers and two applicator brushes. When it comes to doing my brows I can be quite lazy and opt for a eyebrow mascara or a pencil. Basically any product that I can use quickly to do my brows in the little time I allow myself in the mornings! I love how my brows look when using a kit like this, so I am glad that I had the chance to try this out. My only criticism of this compact, which isn't really a criticism, is that the brushes are absolutely useless for defining anything. Personally this wouldn't be an issue for me as I don't tend to do my makeup on the go, but it would deffo be a problem if you do. 

The Gel Eyeliner shade 801 | £9.95
'The Gel Eyeliner has a creamy texture that applies effortlessly and precisely framing eyes with highly pigmented colour. Doesn't smudge and doesn't fade'. All of these claims are true, and this eyeliner is now my absolute go to in my makeup collection. Eyeliner is always the one makeup step that I tend to go without, as I am absolutely useless at applying it. I have tried it all, pencil and brush but I just suck! Using this product with a small brush has made a big difference to me as you can slide it onto the eye quickly to create smooth lines. A BIG thumbs up! 

Overall all of the products work amazingly on the eyes and have all become major parts of my routine, especially the cranberry eyeshadow which is something I never thought in a million years I would say! For me the eye gloss is the only product that I have hardly touched and will most likely be giving away to a friend. 

Let me know what you think of all the products mentioned above, or if you would like to see a makeup look using the cranberry eyeshadow palette? 

Until next time,

*All the products mentioned in this blogpost were sent to me by 3INA to try. As always the photographs, opinions and wording are 100% my own and are 100% honest. 

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