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The month of September was always a tricky one for me. As a child it meant returning to school after an amazing summer holiday, growing up it meant starting a new chapter of my life by starting at a new university and now it's brought a whole new concept of change to my life. This year marks the very first September month of no education, and although I thought I would be so excited about this I haven't really taken to the change great at all. On the plus side, since graduating from university I have already had so many amazing experiences through working within different companies and learnt so much more than I thought I would.

Anyway, onto the main point of this blogpost. My September Favourites! As I mentioned a little bit above, I undertook work experience in a couple of places which meant commuting into London for most of the Summer. During this time I discovered some of these favourites that I found myself reaching for and can't wait to share! 

Elle Magazine
I have been a subscriber to Elle magazine for the last 3 years. Nothing beats a little fashion read on a Sunday evening with a cup of tea. The last couple of issues have been particularly interesting and enjoyable to me thanks to the new creative director. As much as I hate change, this change of look, style and imagery within Elle looks amazing! The last two cover stars have been Cara Delevigne and Rihanna and they both looked absolutely gorgeous on the cover! 

Zara Snoopy Camo Jacket
If you didn't catch one of my latest blogposts then you might not have spotted this gorgeous little Snoopy jacket! I actually bought this in Cyprus in the Zara sale and have been wearing it constantly over the last month. My favourite styling of it is with a pair of denim jeans and slouchy V neck shirt underneath. I also wore this jacket on my recent visit to Buckingham palace, so it really is fit for royalty!  

Dune London Handbag
So as mentioned above, I was lucky to secure two work placements over the Summer. One of them was working for Dune London within their press team. I still can't believe that I was allowed the opportunity to work with such a well known brand and I learnt so much in such a short amount of time that will help me to secure future jobs. Whilst I was at Dune, I was invited to one of the sample sales. OMG what a sale it was! Amongst the 4 BIG bags of stuff that I had to struggle with on the tube in rush hour, was this gorgeous glittery pink cross body bag with two interchangeable straps. I will admit I was a total magpie and spotted this from a mile off - I guess it's the Essex girl in me! 

Victoria Secret Pink Body Spray in Warm and Cozy
Travelling in and out of London is never fun, especially in the Summer. One thing I always had in my handbag was this little body mist to keep myself smelling fresh. This is one of my favourite scents from the Pink range, and I love how homely it smells. As someone who feels a little homesick at times this spray comes in handy for making myself feel comfortable!  

3INA Eye Shadow in 313 and NYX Cosmetics Highlighter in Narcissistic
For beauty, this month I have been finding myself reaching for these products most times when applying makeup. I love how easily both of these products apply which makes them perfect to do on the go. The 3INA shadow is a gorgeous bronze shade that allows you to blend onto the eye smoothly. Once applied the shadow sets and doesn't budge at all. I have loved using this with the more bronzed tones in my Peach Palette for an everyday look. Next let's talk about this beautiful NYX Highlighter. This was another product that I picked up in Cyprus and have been completely obsessed with! Initially I was a little bit disappointed with the colour pay off, although now I have used it a couple of times I have found it looks gorgeous in the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes. The peachy tone to the highlight really suits my skin tone and I just generally love to apply it! 

Pandora Princess Ring
My final favourite for this month has to be my Pandora Princess ring. This was the final thing I purchased in Cyprus Airport before flying home and I am in love with it. I know I am a little behind the trend with this one, but I just couldn't help myself. This ring is now a staple within my wardrobe and not one day has gone by since that I haven't been wearing it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading what a few of my favourites were for September. Like always, there could have been 1093028 things in this post but I wanted to keep it short and sweet! 

Until next time, 


  1. That highlighter is so gorgeous!

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    I am a beauty blogger and I would love to feature some of your lovely products on my blog. I was wondering if you could very kindly send me some products in order to try them out and review them in a blog post. I will, of course, feature them on my various social media pages too.

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  2. The cream eyeshadow looks like a really pretty shade. x

    Jordan Alice


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