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A couple of weeks ago I attended the Stylist Live event at the Olympia where a whole array of beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands were showcasing products that were available to purchase. One of the stands I was excited to visit was Pixi Beauty. I had my eyes on a couple of products, but sadly none of them were available on the day! (I still need the Judy Time Palettes!). For sale on the day were a couple of their bestsellers including this new Limited edition Ultimate Beauty Kit. As soon as I saw the palette I knew it was for me. I excitedly asked the assistant who told me it had just sold out! Luck happened to be on my side however, as I was queuing up I asked another assistant who was able to find me the last palette that had been hidden under the counter! I would be lying right now if I didn't admit to being extremely excited to share all of my thoughts on this palette. 

So where to begin? Obviously the first thing you see is the packaging which showcases the classic Pixi colours, with a little autumnal orange and bronze foiled pattern. I love the whole look of the box, and love how it matches the actual palette packaging on the inside as well.  

So this palette is the ultimate face kit. It comes with two sides of eyeshadows and a middle section with highlighter, blush and bronzer. This palette truly is great for testing out all of the different products Pixi has to offer. The eyeshadow shades are made up of 8 individual mineral palettes which have been put together to create the ultimate palette. The different shades also makes it quite versatile for the different seasons.

The left hand side of the palette is more dramatic and has been compiled of colours that when applied can create an impact. The pigmentation of the different shades are extremely dreamy and as well as swatching perfectly, apply smoothly to the eye as well. I will one day be brave enough to wear the Aquamarine Dream palette, it's just so beautiful! 

The middle section of the palette consists of 2 Glow-y Powders, 2 Beauty Blush Duo's and 2 Beauty Bronzers. I have been a Benefit Hoola fan for the last 5 years, so it's really telling when i've managed to find a new favourite! The bottom left bronze shade in 'Subtly Suntouched' looks natural and pretty on the skin and gives enough bronze to the skin without looking too orange. For highlight, I have been obsessed with both of the shades in the palette. I use the left 'Light Glow' shade on my brow bone and inner corner of the eye, and then apply 'Bare Glow' on the cheekbones and down the centre of my nose to add that extra highlight to my makeup look.

The right hand side of the palette consists of 4 palettes compiled together to create a natural and neutral eye look. This side is a lot easier to wear, and I have become obsessed with using shades from each of the different palette rows to create something I am really pleased with. 

Amythst Aura
Mineral Contour
Aquamarine Dream
Silver Sky
Glowy Powders and Duo Blush
Beauty Bronzer
Rich Gold
Copper Peach
Opal Glow
Plum Quartz
Overall, I am so pleased with how well this palette performs when being worn. Quite often palettes which seem to promise a lot never really do as well as you would think, they also seem to have a shade or two that is rubbish. This isn't the case with this palette at all. I can't wait to use it more throughout the winter season, and already know it's going to be my go to palette for the summer too! 

I am planning a couple of makeup looks using this palette which I would love to share over the next couple of weeks! Perhaps I will be brave enough to finally use the turquoise palette shades! 

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