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How are we already halfway through December? This month has been such a busy one for me so I'm glad I decided early on to skip Blogmas this year. This Christmas marks my first one post education so I have really enjoyed being able to spoil my family members this year with lots of lovely presents that I am SO excited to give to them! Anyway, onto the post...

A couple of weeks ago a little Technic package arrived on my doorstep, and I must say I was VERY excited to see all of the contents. If you have seen any of my other Technic makeup new in posts then you will know how much I rate Technic products and consider them one of the best affordable brands to me. If you can get your hands on the products then you really need to give them a try. 

The first product I took out of the envelope was this gorgeous Handheld VIP Mirror. I didn't know just how much I needed this until now. Despite the fact I have mirrored wardrobes, and plenty of mirrors available to use, there's just something about this handheld one that I find easier to apply makeup with. One side of the mirror is magnified which makes applying eye makeup and doing my brows a lot easier too! Next up was the Brow Buster set. This set included a magnifying mirror and precision tweezer tool that fits perfectly inside the mirror for storage. This set is great to have as the magnified mirror allows you to look extremely close at the brows. If I was to give one critic about this product its that the box that the mirror and the tweezers come in is boxier than it probably needs to be. Luckily I would never have this product in my makeup bag, but it may take up a lot of room if it was. Then I received the Brow-mazing Eyebrow Gel. This eyebrow gel is fast drying, long lasting, water resistant and workout proof. I was really really excited to give this product a try but sadly was sent the wrong shade. I did apply it to the brow to see how it would apply and love how bendable and easy it is to use. If only I had my colour! Next up is this gorgeous Face Fix Blush, Bronze and Highlight Trio. I was excited to see this palette as I love a set that you can use for a variety of things. I will own up to the fact I haven't really used blush on the cheeks for years. But after swatching the blush shade I think it would apply nicely when blending as an eyeshadow. The bronze and highlight duo are two shades which will look lovely and natural when applied to the face. I am going to give this a proper try and will get back to you! 

I was excited to see this gorgeous Black Makeup Bag with the quote 'I'm not perfect but my eyebrows are'. This makes the perfect present for someone who is makeup mad, or just for yourself! Inside the bag was the new Technic Tan Out Of Ten Self Tan Lotion and Instant Tan Shimmer. As an Essex girl, it may surprise you that not everyone is a big applier of fake tan 24/7. I am excited however to apply this tan as I am always on the hunt for something to give a natural appearance. The Tan shimmer is also something that excites me as, lets be honest, who doesn't love a little bit of shimmer! Next in the bag was a matte lipstick in #1 Cheerio Romeo. This shade is something that I would 100% buy for myself so I am pleased to have received it. When applied to the lips the lipstick lasts ages without feeling dry. The next product in the makeup bag was a Metallic Lipgloss in Aphrodite. I am always a bit sceptical with lip glosses and would rather favour something matte over glossy any day, but this product is something else. Not only does it smell like berries, but it applies quite thickly to the lips making it more of a liquid lipstick than a gloss. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and has made for the best festive colour over the last couple of weeks. The final item was the Ombre Lip Pencil in Plum. I will admit, I had absolutely no idea how you were supposed to use an ombre lip pencil. After a little bit of Youtube watching I saw how to apply it. From what I gather you use the darker colour to outline the edges of your lips. You then use the same colour to fill in the lips a little bit on the outer corners of the lips. You can then apply the lighter shade of the pencil in the middle OR find another lighter lipstick instead. I love the idea of this product and despite the fact I still need to practice applying it properly, I think it will be lovely at Christmas.  

So, what are we thinking about all of these new Technic products? I personally think they are great editions for Technic and as always, have been using a lot of the products everyday already. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you have tried out any of these products for yourself! I would be extremely interested to hear what you think about the tan! 

To purchase Technic makeup, make sure you check out THIS link on their website to find the easiest stockist for you. 

Until next time,

*All of the products mentioned in this blogpost were kindly sent to me to try out. I am not being paid to review them but wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on them. As always the images, wording and opinions are my own and are 100% honest. 

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  1. So many fantastic new releases here. I want to try them all haha! That face fix palette looks so lovely, do keep us updated on how you get on with that.
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks


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