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Yay it's finally December which means the Christmas season is finally in full swing! This December marks the first year post education, so I have been working really hard to earn some money to buy the perfect gifts for my family. Out of everyone, my brother to me is by far the hardest person to buy for. He likes and is appreciative of everything, and he doesn't like to ask for anything which makes things so difficult when wanting to find the perfect gift. I was approached by the lovely brand Sudio of Sweden to review a pair of headphones and knew instantly that this was the perfect pre-christmas gift for him. I let him choose his 'perfect pair' from the website and he absolutely loves them. 

The pair he chose were the sleek Tre Black wireless headphones. Before I talk about the headphones, I need to touch upon the speedy delivery and packaging. The package arrived in such a quick amount of time which makes them perfect for the last minute shoppers. Every order also has the option to be complimentary gift wrapped which comes in the cutest white box with a bow. 

So the headphones my brother chose where the Tre Black wireless style which are designed to be fit for a active lifestyle and are sweat proof! My brother is very sporty which makes these the perfect gift for him. The headphones also come with three pairs of the wing tips, a leather carrying case, metal clip and charging cable. The headphones operate under a bluetooth connection so they are compatible with any devices which can operate in this way also. They also hold a 9 hour battery life which is amazing! 

I gave them to my brother early to test and try out and he absolutely loves them. He finds them easy to use, and likes that he has a leather case to hide them away and keep them safe when he is done with them. He has worn them a couple of times to the gym and finds them secure and comfortable for the duration of his work out. 

I will leave all the links below for these particular headphones, but make sure you check out the other designs that Sudio Sweden have to offer. My favourites are the Sudio Vasa white earphones, although I also love them in Pink! If you are interested in receiving 15% off a purchase from Sudio Sweden, then please feel free to use my code 'bellamomento15'.

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