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There aren't many things that I do consistently every week thanks to life getting in the way, however my Sunday pamper nights are one thing I always make time for. There's nothing better than preparing yourself mentally for the week by having a long soak in a bubble bath, or cozying up in bed with a nice book. As much as I love social media it's nice to take an hour or two out of my Sunday to have some pamper time. I thought it would be nice to make a note of a couple of the things I do to create my perfect at home pamper night. Enjoy! 

The first step in creating my perfect pamper night is to run a warm bath with one of my favourite Lush bath bomb. The bath bomb of choice changes up depending on my mood, but recently I have been loving Butterbear, Thundersnow and Ickle Baby Bot! There's something so relaxing about having a bubble bath, and I like to use this time to catch up on Youtube videos from the week on my iPad at a safe distance from the bath. The next step is obviously to put on a pair of comfy pjs. The pyjamas pictured are sadly now out of stock, but they were from Next at Christmas. (They do have similar styles here) I love this cute little cat print set as they are a great loungewear set that washes up well whilst still being soft and cosy! I actually purchased the eye mask and pjs separately, but they look so cute when worn together!

The next step after the bath is to moisturise the skin. I love to use the Clinque Moisturising lotion on my face as it works really nice with my skin type. For the rest of my body I like to use the Sleepy lotion from Lush. I have already featured this product in its own post, but in short this lotion is the best thing to relax and soothe! 

Next up is a face mask. Out of the hundreds that are on offer, I settled recently on this 'Kitten' mask from Primark. Not going to lie, I don't think this particular mask made much of a difference to my skin. However theres something therapeutic about sitting down with a face mask on and glasses off that's relaxing. Plus, this mask made for a few giggles! 

I don't read as much now as I once did thanks to life always seeming to put something in the way. I am getting better at putting social media to the side though and I have been enjoying reading 'Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine' by Gail Honeyman. I am over halfway through this book and although I am still waiting for a twist to become revealed, I am loving the laughs and giggles thanks to the complicated life Eleanor leads. Honestly, this book is a must read and I am looking forward to finishing it!

There's just a couple of things I do to relax, let me know what you do and what I can add to my little copper basket of pamper night dreams! 

Until next time, 


  1. Totally with you on having a Sunday pamper night. It's great to have that time to prepare for the week. Your pyjamas are so cute too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I had stopped using Sleepy for some unknown reason but I recently picked it up again and I’ve fallen back in love straight away.. 😍 I also recently bought Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine as well - like you, I don’t read nearly as much as I used to, but I’m really enjoying this book! 🙊

    Andi | ✨

  3. I love Sleepy! It smells so good, and gives me a brilliant night's sleep!


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