Lifestyle: A little catch up...

Hey, remember me? It's been a hot minute since I last wrote anything for my blog and I for one have really missed it. Life has just been crazy recently and as much as I have wanted to sit down and write, every time I tried something else would come up that took priority. My little unplanned blogging break did come at a good time though.

Over the last couple of months since my last post I have decided that I really want to take my blog in a different direction. I love blogging about fashion and beauty, but I would love to bring something of more worth to this blog. (Fashion and Beauty is still a topic that is going to be a regular feature, but every now and then expect to see an opinion/view/thought post going up!).

So what have I actually been up to I hear you say? The answer to that question - work! Since graduating last July I have been trying my best to get the most work experience I can in the hopes to secure a full time job in the career I want to enter. In reality this sounds a lot easier than it actually is, but in February I managed to secure a 6 month placement at a company I have grown up loving. 3 month's in and although not every day has been plain sailing, I am really enjoying it and hope to continue learning by the time I'm ready to move on in October. 

With work comes play right? May brought it's own array of challenges for me which to the average person is NBD, but to me was a gigantic step. If you were to ask me where my favourite place in the whole wide world was, I would 100% hand on my heart say Disneyland Paris. So when my brother Daniel, Emma (his girlfriend) and I booked a trip I was both anxious and excited in equal measures. At 23 years old, I have never been in the position to go abroad on my own. Mainly because my anxiety and nerves prevented me from feeling 'safe' and settled when away from my parents. There were many moments on the trip that I considered getting a train ride home, but I did it. And I am SO proud of myself for achieving it. (You best believe the Disneyland Paris blogposts are coming!) 

That brings us up to now, June. We're 24 days in and life has gone back to a more relaxed state. Work is still busy, but I am finding it easier to manage with everyday life again. I've also managed to get back into reading again which was something I knew I wanted to keep up after falling back in love with the Eleanor Oliphiant book!

Now that we're all caught up, I can get back into my regular posting! 

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  1. Lovveee this catch up and can't wait for new posts, fashion and all!

    1. Hey!

      Thanks so much for reading! I'm excited to get back into posting again! xx


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